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40 at 40 Part 8: The allure of the stretch big

Today's dynamic offenses are based around super capable guards and forwards who can drive and get to the rim. This has pushed the bigman farther out of the paint. Stretch Bigs are very valuable. But how many are there? And can Marvin Williams be one?

40 at 40 Part 7: Production vs. Payment

It's important to get paid in the NBA. It's also important to produce, so that you can keep getting paid. There's a reason why contract year is a real term, when you have to some guys pick it up. Let's take a look at who is producing for the Jazz.

40 at 40 Part 4: What to do with Andris Biedrins?

Andris Biedrins is making a lot of money and in the last year of his contract. Some wonder if this is his last year in the NBA. He's not playing this season, and people are wondering what to do with him.

40 at 40 Part 3: Gordon's Injury or a Tank Oddity?

Gordon Hayward had 'the' signature game of his career against the Oklahoma City Thunder. He had 37 points, 11 rebounds, 7 assists, 2 steals, and 1 block on that night; and Hayward led the Jazz to a big upset W. Then he got injured. Let's investigate.

40 at 40 Part 2: Diante Garret & Quest for PG help

Since John Stockton last came off the bench and now the Jazz have tried 30 guys at back-up point guard. Some were good, some were not. Where does Diante stand? Can he be that magical back up point guard our team has been searching for?

Poll: Who won the Utah / Minnesota Trade?

The Jazz moved up on Draft night with the #14 and #21 picks for the #9 pick which was owned by the Timberwolves. Who won?

The 30 point club and becoming an everyday scorer

Gordon Hayward and Alec Burks both have gone for 30+ points twice this year. Can they become everyday bigtime scorers? Which historical player templates do they resemble? And is it likely they every get there?

"What if" Trey Burke was healthy all year?

The Jazz have played 39 games this season. The first few weeks were a trainwreck with 5 rotation players out. Since Trey Burke's return the team has started to play a completely different game. What would their record look like "what if . . . "

Jazz recall Gobert and Clark; how did they do?

Jazz rookies Rudy Gobert and Ian Clark were recalled from the Bakersfield Jam after only a few days. Now they have played in all of 8 games for the D-League affiliate. How did they do, and where does this place them historically for Jazz players?

Jazz send Gobert and Clark back to NBA-DL

The Utah Jazz assign Rudy Gobert and Ian Clark back to the NBA-DL after fears of over-dipping them.

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