Suns, Bobcats Trade

Suns get: J-Rich, Jared Dudley
Bobcats get: Raja Bell, Boris Diaw, Sean Singletary

Seems like a wash for ex-Jazzmen today (Shorty gets cut, Bell leaves a team he wasn't happy with).

Interesting deal though... the Suns add another wing that would really fit the system if D'Antoni was coach. (Note to Steve Kerr... D'Antoni isn't the coach!)

Bell was unhappy in the new system. Fine. You have to deal him. From the rumblings over at Bright Side of the Sun, it seems like they think Diaw was being overpaid (which he probably was, at $9 million). Still, just dealing him because of that is stupid. I look for the Suns to be trying to add a better PG soon, be it via trade or FA. Or maybe just play Barbosa a whole lot more, as he could end up being the key back-up behind both Nash & J-Rich. They do have Alando Tucker too, but I don't think he's just going to jump up to playing major minutes. And trading Diaw... all of a sudden, their back-up bigs are Robin Lopez & Louis Amundson (another ex-Jazzster). Not exactly solid... at least not yet.

J-Rich gives them a scoring wing. Will he get as many touches as he wants though? Especially with Terry Porter putting a stronger emphasis on defense and not being the mastermind (or anything) behind the SSOL approach. Dudley... coming out of college, he was compared to No Knees. Of course, as far as I know, he still has his knees. And if the comparison is even half-right, he's the best defender on the Suns now.

The Bobcats... who knows what they're thinking. After all the talk about maybe trading Gerald Wallace, they instead trade J-Rich... and don't even get the big they're looking for. Unless they really think Okafor/Diaw is a solid front-court. Bell might add something there, but he's not going to replace J-Rich's scoring. And if his issue in Phoenix was not getting enough shots, do you really want him on your team? He could be looking to shoot more. Singletary... I guess maybe the Bobcats wanted a 3rd PG, though they have 2 youngsters already in Felton & Augustin.

Overall, this trade really confuses me. I guess I'll have to sit and see what comes of it, but it seems like the Suns just rushed to get a trade (as is mentioned over at BSotS), while the Bobcats just look like MJ is pulling the strings there. It might not be as bad as Kwame #1 or Adam Morrison #3, but...

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