Fouls vs. Heat: We are all blind, apparently

Last night's game thread contained some pointed (and pointless) bitchery about the way Dwyane Wade gets the benefit of calls whenever he enters a 10-foot radius around the basket, and the general manner in which the Heat seemed to manhandle the Jazz on defense, especially Mario Chalmers harrassing a still-gimpy D-Will into six turnovers.

Ira Winderman of the Miami Sun-Sentinel says we are wrong:

I have never seen a team so physically blitz the pick-and-roll as what the Jazz got away with Wednesday night against Mario Chalmers. If the officials continue to hold their whistles, Chalmers could be in for a nightly bruising. It was tackle basketball.

Hmm. Chalmers had one personal foul last night. Deron Williams had three. (Maybe that means D-Will was indeed being more physical, but it also means he was being called for it. No way did Mario only foul D-Will ONCE last night.) Chalmers shot five free throws to Deron's four. Oh, and Chalmers got the benefit of two boneheaded fouls from Memo, 30 feet away from the basket, late in the game.

Meanwhile, if you want to talk tackle basketball and nightly bruisings, I give you Exhibit A:



Finally, let me remind the Heat: YOU HAVE DWYANE WADE. The man who single-handedly stole the 2006 Finals away from the Mavericks with bogus free throws.

While I'm as guilty of it as anyone, I hate whining about the refs, and I'll not blame last night's loss on them. But when the winning team whines first... well, that's uncool.

All comments are the opinion of the commenter and not necessarily that of SLC Dunk or SB Nation.

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