How the Jazz can improve in offensive efficiency

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know how to have an efficient offense.  You want to limit your turnovers and have your best field goal percentage shooters take the most shots.  So I measured the Jazz players shooting percentages, turnovers and number of shots to see the weak links in the Jazz offense.  Here is the order of efficient Jazz players according to John Hollingers Player Efficiency via

1. Carlos Boozer

2. Andrei Kirilenko   (for more on AK's importance to the team check here.)

3. Paul Millsap

4. Ronnie Brewer

5. Mehmet Okur

6. CJ Miles

7. Deron Williams

8. Kyle Korver

9. Brevin Knight

10. Kosta Koufos

11. Ronnie Price

12. Morris Almond

The good news is that 7 of our players are at or above the league average for PER and Deron Williams is only going to go up from here.

So if those are the stats of the most proficient players on the team, here are some stats on who is most likely to take a shot.  Here is a list from most trigger- happy to least trigger- happy based on minutes per shot.

1. Carlos Boozer                        (2.3)

2. CJ Miles                                  (2.6)

3. Ronnie Brewer                      (2.8)

4. Paul Millsap                           (3.0)

5. Morris Almond                       (3.1)

6. Mehmet Okur                         (3.12)

7. Ronnie Price                          (3.3)

8. Kyle Korver                              (3.4)

9. Kosta Koufos                          (3.5)

10. Deron Williams                    (3.6)

11. Andrei Kirilenko                    (3.64)

12. Matt Harpring                        (4.4)

The good news is that Boozer and Millsap seem to be taking an appropriate amount of shots based on their offensive efficiency (they incoincidentally are the only Jazzmen, along with Okur, who shoot over 50% from the floor).  However, and I don't mean to call out Miles or Almond, because they are both showing big improvement, but they, along with Price, are taking way too many shots based on how likely they are to get good results from those said shots.  Add the fact that Price, Almond and Miles are shooting the least amount of free throws per minutes on the team (along with Koufos), it isn't hard to see the problem.  They are all taking way too many outside jumpers and not attacking the basket enough. 

And as far as turnovers go, Williams turns the ball over the most (4 a game), but the rest of the players on the team are almost equal, believe it or not.  Everyone else fits in between 1 and 2 turnovers a game.  I know, I was surprised that Boozer doesn't have more too.

So in one sentence:  The Jazz can improve their offense by having Almond, Price, and Miles either shoot less or take higher percentage shots.


All comments are the opinion of the commenter and not necessarily that of SLC Dunk or SB Nation.

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