Sloan hearts KK v2.0

Jerry Sloan: not a fan of the rookies. Except maybe the big Buckeye, Kosta Koufos. From the Deseret News:

"He's only 19 years old and hasn't had the experience of being here," said Sloan, who had only seen Koufos play on tape when the Jazz drafted him last month. "But he has worked hard. That's all you can ask, and you let the rest of it take care of itself. He has some things that he can work on, as everybody does. But he has some things that can be worthwhile to his career.

"He runs pretty well for a big guy. He seems to have pretty good hands. He has the ability to be able to shoot the ball pretty well."

Sloan especially enjoys the 7-foot-1 big man's long-distance shot, even if it does seem to be a bit funky-looking.

"So was Larry Bird's. Larry Bird's shot was kind of ugly at times. Except it went in," he said. "I'll tell you one thing: When he (Koufos) gets the ball on the perimeter there and looks at the basket, you think it's going in. There are not a lot of guys (like that). But you think his shot's going in just about every time he shoots it."

Attitude seems to fall on the plus side, too.

"Obviously he's a young kid who's gonna have to work very hard to make himself a player. I mean, who else doesn't have to do that?" Sloan said. "Very few have come in this league that can just step out here and play. (But) he seems to be aware of the fact he's gonna have to work.

"He looks like a guy that can (make the league)," the Jazz coach added. "At 23rd (overall) ... he seems like to me a very good pick."

Um, wow. For Coach Sloan, that's downright effusive. So one day, Sloan is bagging on Big Fes for being a "clown" and not paying attention, and the very next day, he's praising a less-experienced player for his work ethic and shooting and calling him "a very good pick."

This could get interesting.

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