The worst contract in the NBA

The other day a Blazer fan mentioned that he thought Andrei Kirilenko had the worst contract in the NBA.  I started to wonder if there was any validity to this statement.  As I looked at a list of NBA players along with their salaries, I realized that there are many NBA players who have worse contracts.  Here are a couple zingers.

1. Shaquille O'neal-  The big cactus is due $21 million a year for the next 2 years and not only have his numbers dwindled (15 pts, 9 rebounds/game), but he is not the missing piece Phoenix needs to win the title.

2. Ben Wallace- Wallace is due $30 million for the next two years and he is a backup center who is worse than non-existent offensively and is an average defender at best now.

3.  Antoine Walker- He is only due $9 million/ year for the next 3 years, but he may not contribute at all.  Walker is probably one of the most out of shape pro ballers and I would much rather have AK's contract anyday.

4.  Kenyon Martin- His numbers are okay, but his contract is almost identical to Andrei's and who would you rather have? 

5. Darius Miles- This is a low blow to all Portland fans.  Miles will cost the Blazers $18 million over the next two seasons to play for the Celtics.  Ouch.

6.  Jason Collins- It is bad enough to be paying Jarron $2.5 million a year, but the T-Wolves are paying his unskilled twin brother $6 a year.  Can you imagine, Jazz fans?

7. Vince Carter- This may seem like a stretch, but if Carter played for the Jazz, he would be the 3rd option too and his numbers wouldn't be as good.  And he plays NO defense.  He is owed $45 million over 3 seasons too.

Now it's your turn. 


All comments are the opinion of the commenter and not necessarily that of SLC Dunk or SB Nation.

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