Seven Reasons Why the Jazz Won't Win the Championship

1.  They lack an interior defender.  They will continue to be unable to keep teams from getting to the bucket and in a seven game series, it will cost them. 

2.  They still won't figure out how to beat the Clippers and Wolves on the Road.  Losing road games they shouldn't have lost killed the Jazz's hopes of gettin a top seed last year and if they don't fix that problem, they will have too difficult of a road to the finals.

3.  The Front Office sits on their hands.  The Front Office overestimates our ability to win the championship and doesn't take any sort of risk in order to better the team and it costs us dearly.

4.  Opposing teams shoot 60 free throws a game.  With ultra physical players on our team like Matt Harpring and Paul Millsap, our defense is always hindered when we keep sending opposing teams to the line.  If the officiating continues to give players like Kobe, T-Mac, and Ginobili the benefit of the doubt, we will have problems.

5.  Sloan sticks to his guns and they turn out to be peashooters.  You have to love Sloans toughness and consistency, but sometimes his idea of how things should be done get in the way.  If he decides to give hardworkers like Harpring and Collins too much burn or if he sticks to his beat the crap out of our competition drill, it will cost us.

6.  The team plays without Hart.  If the Jazz don't figure out how to get Jason Hart back on the team, they are done for.  Just kidding.  If the big guns, not including Williams, play for a paycheck and not for honor and glory, we won't have the extra "it" factor we need to get over the top.  We all know Deron will  bring it every night, but everyone else may not follow his example.  I mean, how hard is it to move your feet on defense, player not be named, but yells "and 1" all the time?

7.  Another one of the best in the West turns out to be too good.  The Jazz are surrounded by championship hopefuls and if Bynum comes back healthy and productive, Yao Ming realizes he is taller than everyone else, or the Suns land Allen Houston, another team might just be too tough for us to outdo. 

note:  Allen Houston comment was total joke...unless he gets new knees made of adamantium.

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All comments are the opinion of the commenter and not necessarily that of SLC Dunk or SB Nation.

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