Seven Reasons Why the Jazz Should Make a Trade

1.  They Need a Shot Blocker.  There are a handful of shot blocking big men, that might be available and that the Jazz can afford.  Theo Ratliff, Sean Williams, and maybe even a guy like Joel Pryzbilla.

2.  We have some players that are just filling roster spots and won't contribute on the court.  I am not here to name names and make anyone feel bad, but everyone knows who they are.  To their credit, every team has 3 or 4 guys that are getting paid to practice and support the good players, but why don't we clear some room and add some contributors?

3.  Because I am worried about UtesFan89's health.  UtesFan, along with millions of Jazz fans are getting anxious about our team.  We are so close, that if we could just add that missing piece, we might actually win us a championship.  And seriously, if the Jazz made a good move, I think UtesFan's blood pressure would drop about 40 points.  And just for the record, as much as I think we can't judge the front office's non-risk taking until after the trade deadline, I am with UtesFan89 wholeheartedly, that a trade for a shot blocker (I don't think we would have to give up tons to get it) would be better than no trade at all.

4.  When in Rome, do as the Lakers, Rockets and Spurs do.  As much as I love this roster, you have to judge yourself on what the competition is doing.  The Lakers, Rockets and Spurs have all made offseason moves that will most likely improve their team.  As happy as I was that Hart was traded, getting Knight doesn't appear to improve our team.  No offense to Knight, I think he is a stand up guy.  But we will have to beat some combination of the Lakers, Rockets, or Spurs in the playoffs and if we don't improve and they do the math.

5.  Because next year might be too late to have trades matter much.  We are contenders right now as it stands and that might not be the case next year.  Making a trade could take us from top 5 contender to top 3 or even the favorite to win it all.  If we lose Boozer or Okur, or Korver, or all of them, then we will have to make some crafty moves just to get back to where we are.  Not to mention the fact we will have even less financial flexibility next season.

6.  Fans need proof that Kevin O'Connor is doing his job and that Larry H. is alive and kicking.   As fans we have read the interviews and heard O'Connor say how active he is and how he will continue to better the team, but we don't have cameras in his office that confirm his activity. We need a little proof as well as the surety that the team's opportunity to make moves doesn't disappear whenever Larry's health suffers.

7.  We need some new discussion material.  August and September are about the worst months for NBA fans, because nothing is going on.  Instead we get to read about golf tournaments, what clubs players are frequenting, or what Deron Williams had for lunch.  Thank goodness for the Olympics.  If the Jazz made a trade we could blow up the phone lines, blog some great new posts and just have some extra vitality as fans.  And I won't have to keep coming up with interesting 7 reasons lists and that might be good for all the slcdunk readers.

Next:  Why don't other people suggest  a good topic?  What else can I write a 7 reasons list for?  Leave some ideas in the comments, or if you are up to it, write a list yourself, cuz I don't have a copyright on the idea or anything.

All comments are the opinion of the commenter and not necessarily that of SLC Dunk or SB Nation.

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