Rocky Mountain Revue pics

I sucked in my coverage of the RMR this year.  I had some things come up and couldn't get to any of the games except the last one.  And I have some audio interviews but lost my USB cord for my recorder.  Anyway, here are the pictures that I was able to get.

Almond is always a good interview



Hardcore Jazz fans show up for the last RMR game an hour early.


Mmmmmm, Fess thirsty!


Glad I caught this moment.  Fess didn't start the game.  But during the timeout, Layden called his name to put him in.  The only problem was that Fess was wearing the blue side of his jersey.  He had to take it off and flip it over to white.  Another sign that he totally wasn't in it mentally this year.  Corbin's face is great.


This was pretty much Fess' look for the whole Revue.


I gained a huge appreciation for NBA photographers.  I figured they just set their cameras on auto and just hold down the shutter while the action happens and take the best picture.  My camera is less sophisticated than theirs, but still trying to get an action picture takes a lot of work.  This is one where Fess is defending the break and as he guards one player, an alley-oop is thrown over the top of him.  My problem was that my camera stopped (wasn't fast enough) and I didn't get the dunk.



Fess had a couple of great moves, including this hook shot, but couldn't get anything to fall.


The Jazz bench during the Revue


Fess looking disinterested.  Almond and Gerald Green were on each other.


Kosta looks to be a pretty solid free-throw shooter.


The tip-off


Fess was able to get in a couple of nice dunks.


Everyone was getting injured during the Revue.


Gerald Green went straight for the stat sheets.


Dejected Jazz players


More Kosta


The Brain Trust


Paul Millsap's uncle and agent.  He's the one I thought was Michael Finley.


Almond ordering his pizza for when he got home.  I have no idea what he was talking about.


Kosta posing for some portraits.


That's it!  2009 will be blocked off on my schedule and I'll have much better coverage.  If I ever find my USB cable, I'll get the audio up.

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