SLC Dunk Fantasy League: Season Update

The SLC Dunk fantasy basketball season is in full swing, and I thought it might be interesting to brief everyone, inside the league and out, on how things are going. So I've asked for a short summary from each team owner on their progress in the league. I'll be updating this post as I receive the updates from each team owner. Enjoy (or don't).

Team: Rhymes With Satan
Owner: Shums
Record: 64-35-0
League rank: 1st
MVP: Chris Paul
Key draftee: Danny Granger
Key pickup: Wilson Chandler
Biggest bust: Chris Kaman
Strongest categories: FT%, AST
Weakest categories: FG%, TO
Summary: Shums says: "I have to say, I'm pretty shocked to be atop the league, and by such a wide margin. My total stats don't seem to indicate any real dominance -- I don't lead the league in any one category. But I am in the top 5 in seven of the nine categories. Chris Paul and Danny Granger have been studs. So far, I think I've gotten the better of my trade with CrazyJD8s (he gave me Pau Gasol and Hedo Turkoglu in exchange for Shawn Marion and Rudy Gay). Wilson Chandler and Udonis Haslem have been solid pickups. But the bottom line is, my team seems to step up when needed and do just enough to eke out wins every week."

Team: Stockton To Malone
Owner: Patrick517
Record: 59-37-3
League rank: 2nd
MVP: Kevin Garnett
Key draftee: John Salmons
Key pickup: David Lee
Biggest bust: Andrew Bynum
Strongest categories: REB, AST
Weakest categories: 3PT, TO
Summary: Patrick517 says: "I gotta say I'm far from disappointed in my team's performance.  This is the first time I've played Fantasy Basketball, so I can't complain about second place.  My MVP so far has probably been Kevin Garnett (no surprise there, he's my first-rounder).   The biggest disappointment has to be Andrew Bynum.  He completely fell off the cliff the past two weeks.  My best pick-up has been David Lee.  I swear to God I had no inside information about the Randolph-Crawford trade.  I just happened to pick him up the day before it all went down, and he immediately went back into the starting line-up, posting double-doubles on a game by game basis.  It was a lucky move."

Team: Suicidal Penguins
Owner: UtesFan89
Record: 55-42-2
League Rank: 3rd
MVP: LeBron James. Duh.
Key Draftee: Probably Jason Terry. I took him in the 8th round, and he's got the #16 ranking on Yahoo! (Mario Chalmers in the last round... #98 right now.. is also looking good, as is Devin Harris).
Key Pickup: Jameer Nelson (#21 overall) and Brook Lopez (#49 overall) have both been huge.
Biggest Bust: Samuel Dalembert, who I dropped before picking back up for his rebounds, or Francisco Garcia (who I accidentally picked).
Strongest Categories: BLK, 3PT
Weakest Categories: FT%, REB... weird how I can be so good with blocks, but so bad with rebounds.
Summary: UtesFan98 says: "Well, my team has performed above my expectations... especially given the surprising run on Sacramento Kings I had (of all the teams to pick)... K-Mart, Garcia, Hawes & Thompson. The injuries to K-Mart & Artest (and Calderon now) have been painful, but none of the players can really be dropped, so they're hard to replace with the small bench. And losing 3 of your top 5 consecutively (and even together for a bit) is hard to overcome. Just ask the Jazz. I seemingly went away from points during the draft... and that's hurting. Quite simply, remind me next year to avoid going Kings-heavy in my draft. Oh, and please remind me that "points" is in fact a category. The presence of 6 top-40 players is nice though (LeBron, Jet, Al, Jameer, Devin & Jose). And K-Mart should stay healthy now, and hopefully Artest returns to form."

Team: YouGottaLoveItBaby
Owner: moni
Record: 51-43-5
League rank: 5th
MVP: Emeka Okafor
Key draftee: Rashard Lewis
Key pickup: Rodney Stuckey
Biggest bust: Elton Brand
Strongest categories: REB, AST
Weakest categories: PTS, FT%
Summary: moni says: "I think I've been doing ok--not great, not too bad. There are three clear tiers in the league, with the runaway 3 guys at the top, the 3 hovering 5 games around .500, and the rest (most of whom appear to have made virtually no roster moves since the draft haha). The playoffs are a ways off, but making them is my goal--it seems to be almost impossible to break into that top tier. The players that i've come to rely on to keep my squad afloat, though, are Okafor, Troy Murphy, and Stuckey/Rondo (both of the pg's have had good and bad spells). Complete bust would have to be Elton Brand. I so regret wasting my first round pick on him--and he was a bust even before he got injured, really. I'm hoping that Monta Ellis comes back strong."

Team: Luxury
Owner: DaniellelovesKK
Record: 43-55-1
League rank: 7th (but I probably should be 1st)
MVP: KK (duh)
Key draftee: KK
Key pickup: Thaddeus Young
Biggest bust: I think everyone is doing a good job (Commish's note: Let me help -- Wally Szczerbiak.)
Strongest categories: FG%, TO (I'm beating all of you on these)
Weakest categories: Everything else
Summary: danielle says: "So, I will stand by drafting Kyle #1 until the bitter end. I don't regret my decision one bit. I started out pretty good, and then I just kind of forgot that I had to make sure that I had players actually on the roster instead of on the bench. That's probably my biggest problem. Haha, I wish. I really think that I have a good team. I honestly don't understand why I don't win every week.  So, hopefully my boys will step it up. Ultimately my goal is to not be #10."

Team: Childlike Empresses
Owner: Clarkpojo
League Rank: 9th
MVP: Deron Williams
Key Draftee:
Joe Johnson
Key Pickup: Chris Duhon
Biggest Bust: Clarkpojo
Strongest Categories: Raising the Self-Esteem of Opponents
Weakest Categories:
TO, FG %, Assists, Steals, etc.
Summary:  clarkpojo says: "Call me Don Nelson.  My team can score boatloads of points, but when I need a rebound, or an assist, or a defensive stop, it can rarely provide. I am new to this category type of scoring and it shows.  But just like for the Golden State Warriors, there is only one way to go from here and you all know where that is. So if I haven't said it yet, it's time: 'Buckle Up!' "

All comments are the opinion of the commenter and not necessarily that of SLC Dunk or SB Nation.

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