The Downbeat - 19 October 2009 - #81 - The Get That Outta Here Edition

1_medium  In the last two pre-season games of the season against Portland and Sacramento, we should start to see the normal rotation.  It has already tightened up with the game against Charlotte.

Spencer Nelson and Alex Johnson didn't see any playing time at all.  Matthews got over 20 minutes while Dupree barely cracked 6.  Goran Suton had 7 minutes.

Maybe the biggest indicator of who is going to make the team is who got rookie backpacks.  Maynor obviously has one but the only other one that we know got one is Matthews,


2_medium  I'm concerned at the rate that the Jazz are getting stuffed in the pre-season.  Last year, the Jazz averaged about 4.5 blocked shots a game while getting blocked a little over 5 times a game.

In the pre-season so far, they're averaging just 4 blocks a game while getting denied almost 7 times a game.  Those are skewed a little because it is the pre-season.  It could be that the spacing isn't quite right.  Having not been able to see any games, I couldn't say for sure what it is.

8_medium  Highlights from last night.  Great to have AK back.

4_medium We're dealing with health issues already this season.  Okur was out with a sore lower back last night.  No doubt it was in part because it was a back to back game and an otherwise meaningless one at that.  We know CJ is out.  AK missed a game.  Ronnie P has been out the past couple of games.  And Korver has yet to play in a game so far.  Oh, and don't forget about Harpring.

Let's hope that these are mostly precautionary measures because it's the pre-season.  But you have to worry a bit that it's only the pre-season as these things tend to become more of a factor later in the year.

5_medium  Have to say I'm pretty pleased with what I've "seen" from Boozer.  That is, he's been quiet and just gone to work.  He had 22 points last night after having 20 the night before.

Most of all, he hasn't said a word, outside of the video we saw a couple days ago.  Time, silence, and winning can go a long ways in making fans forget about the off-season and all of his stupid remarks.  I really hope the Jazz can find a way to get a shooting guard for him.  If he keeps his level of play up and stay healthy, they could have a good valuable trade piece come the deadline or earlier.

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