Over Already? Nope

As expected, I am seeing an abundance of "It's all over" posts here on SLC Dunk. The reality here is that we are 4 games into the season. Let me provide some perspective on the matter. There are things to be optimistic about this season, other things about this season may lead to more "It's all over" posts. We still have the best point guard our team could possibly have. We still have Boozer...

let us first address Boozer so we can spend the rest of this post on the Jazz. Boozer does not play for the Jazz, Boozer plays for $12 mil, a team that never has the same jersey, or home town, or fans. Soon that team will change it's name to $8 mil, then $5 mil, then IRA. It strikes me as funny when fans start to believe they know better than the team's GM or coach, which is something we are getting a ton of in SLC these days. Normally I would laugh at these people, not this time. They...check that....we, could fix this mess, or at least make it a little better.

Dear GM: Trade him. I understand this is much more complicated than it sounds but after seeing the first 4 games you should realize that you are not going to get 2 solid pieces to add to your team in exchange for Boozer. How could you? He has proven to be a cancer, a man made of glass, and he really isn't that good anymore. Trade him for Millsap, trade him for AK, trade him for Memo, trade him for defense. All of the previously mentioned would improve if we traded Boozer for Ron Artests hair stylist. Not to mention we don't need to be in the luxury tax any longer.

Dear Coach: Bench him. Not saying he should ride the pine all game (though that would AWESOME,) but he shouldn't be starting for infinite reasons. The biggest of the bunch: He is clearly not going to be here much longer even if he doesn't get traded. I thought you were an advocate of keeping the core together for as long as possible? let them gel and create chemistry? Where does that chemistry go when Boozer walks away? Let D-will and Millsap develop that pick-and-roll magic and bring Boozer off the bench to give Paul a rest. I could understand you wanting to put the best 5 on the floor (which has been your excuse for starting Boozer) so my question to you is "why aren't the best 5 players on the floor?" d-will, brewer, ak, millsap, memo.

The Boozer-Millsap experiment is not working. I defy you, OC and Sloan, to give me one good reason to NOT take my advice. If you want the best fans in the NBA to support your team any longer, time is wearing thin along with our patience, and your wallets. Right now we look like a lottery team. We would (reluctantly) settle for 8th in the West again. We could do that with Millsap as our starting PF.

NOW lets get back to the fact that it is only 4 GAMES INTO THE SEASON. If you think the season is over're dumb.. D-will is going to be an all-star (he will even make the ALL-STAR team!), Millsap, Brewer, and CJ are all just tapping into their potential and will undoubtedly improve their game this year. AK will be better than last year, and with Booz gone will get more time at the 4 where he seems to thrive. All in all, we have a really good group of players who can compete with any team. What we need is heart, and fire, anger, passion, fight. Our coach can't provide that, and let's face it, he's not going anywhere. We need to rely on our players to give us those qualities. D-will displays it, Millsap is built of it, and players like brewer, price, and CJ will feed off of it.

All we really want to see is some yelling, not because boozer threw away a pass or shoots an airball (shut up with the AND ONE! b.s), but because the Jazz are so F'n hyped up to be playing the game of basketball that the bodies of Jazz players will have no other response than to scream along with the crowd after throwing down a dunk on Luke Walton, or blocking a shot, or taking a charge. We want to see that NOW, we want to see it OFTEN, we want to see it EVERY GAME. We want to see that the team cares, the coach cares, and the GM cares.

Heres to hoping to see Sloan and OC chest bump.


If all else fails, we can cheer passionately for every team that plays the Knicks.

All comments are the opinion of the commenter and not necessarily that of SLC Dunk or SB Nation.

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