Reflections from Section 20, Row 21

I got to see Deron's buzzer-brick in person tonight.  Good to have pals with extra tix.  A quick perusal of the game thread shows I missed quite a conversation.  I fully expect to have nightmares of being attacked by female ninjas - I suspect they kill you with double-surprise:  1. OMG! A ninja has snuck upon me!   2. OMG! It's a girl!  Here are some things I took home with me tonight:

1. Boozer really doesn't help on defense.  It's cliche, it's a punchline, it's something we exclaim when we're upset, whatever...  He really doesn't even try to play help D.  He sticks his arms out, but his shoes instantly become concrete buckets.  Honestly, how hard would it be to teach a grown man to anticipate help and slide over two feet?  It would save us 10 points a game minimum if he would do that.

2. Deron Williams has handles.  His round the back pass to himself on the 3-2 break was pretty awesome.5.  

3. I think one of the problems tonight is that DW had so many points in the first half that (and stll have double-digit assists) I would rather have him get 18 assists and 18 points and get Boozer, AK, Memo more shots.

4. Fes needs to play.  He's enormous.  He's aggressive.  He's fearless.  He's responsible.  I don't understand not playing him against large opponents.

5. Maynor is the best backup PG we've had since Howard Eisley.

6. The lights out intro ROCKS!!!!  Awesome sound.

7.  Jazz dancers are attractive from Section 20, Row 21 minus my glasses.  Take what you want from that comment.

8.  There are many  18-35 yr-old females who are there to see only one player play, and he shot poorly tonight, granted after a long absence.

9.  Right before the final shot, Bear came out in a Kilt, Braveheart facepaint, a sword and shield impersonating the "Are you ready for a war?" speech in Braveheart.  It was very cool.  Then Deron missed a three and we all went home.

10. Jerry seems to be mailing it in.  SEEMS, I said.  Who knows what is said in timeouts, locker room, late night text messages... But all I know is that he is content to watch a 2-18 run without calling a timeout, getting a tech, changing the D, or subbing a spark plug.  It's pretty frustrating.  I'm fairly certain that he knows more about basketball than I do.  But I'm also pretty certain that if I were on the bench, I'd be getting tossed or my players would be getting benched or their players would be getting some nefarious blows to the lower abdomen...whatever it takes to win.  This isn't rec ball.

11. The usher from section 12 is a heartless b.  Wouldn't let me walk down and say hello to a pal I haven't seen in years.

12. Lots of money in the stands.

13.  I don't care how old you are, parachuting tacos will make you stand up and hold your arms out like you're at a Mardi Gras parade.

14.  I've been saving this one, so it's good that you are still reading because this is something that has been said before, but I'm telling you now I have seen it up close and personal with my own eyes:  MILLSAP IS BADDER THAN BEOWULF!  He is so much of a man I am honored to be the same gender.  He is a force, a beast, a basketball earthquake.  Without him, we would have lost by 10.  Key rebounds, blocks, aggressive offense.  Even after Boozer's many great games this year, I will go on record saying we wouldn't miss Boozer one bit if he left.  In fact, we'd probably be a better team.

All comments are the opinion of the commenter and not necessarily that of SLC Dunk or SB Nation.

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