It's AK Hair Intervention Time aka It's an Off-Day

I originally meant to do something like this--Great Moments in Suns Hair History--but a rudimentary trip through the ol' archives pretty much killed that notion.

[To wit:
Karl Malone: receding hairline-->shaved head.
Jerry Sloan: black hair-->white hair, but same hair.
John Stockton: same hair for 19 years.
Horny, Ostertag, Russell, Eisley, Keefe, Eaton, Boozer, Harpring, Memo*, KK* get the idea.

*Memo and KK both once sported horrid frosted tips, but they were, respectively, a Piston and 76er at the time.

I could have devoted a post to the wonders of Phil Johnson's magnificent mustache, but that would have been a short one.]

So anyway, the lone standout was AK-47. And given the bowl cut he's been sporting lately--


--I feel that it is Hair Intervention time.  Let's offer AK a helping hand.

[Ed. Note, 12/15/09 2:22 PM MST ] The link for the jump comes after the poll.

Option A: I call this the "Baby AK." The style he was sporting in the early years in Utah, his hair is soft, yellow, and downy like a baby chick.


Option B: Baby AK grew out into this Euro-fashiontastic somewhat-metro highlighted spike-slick look (clearly, I am  making this up as I go; I have no idea what you call this). I think AK made it work though.


Option C: My personal favorite. The mojohawk is badass and it rocks the house. I have absolutely nothing to back the following statement up with, but I am absolutely certain that if AK brings this back, his play on the court will immediately revert to that of '03-'04 AK. Hence, the mojohawk.


Option D: Let's call this short, spiky cut the Standard AK--it's the one that we're most familiar with and most used to seeing.


Option D also comes in Option D-1: Now with frosted tips!


Option E: The Superman. AK showed up at training camp this season with a new slicked Dean Cain Superman look that I quite like, and that:

--KOC called "more mature"
--AK said was the result of having no time to get a haircut
--Jerry said he wouldn't comment on because he wasn't going to marry AK lol.


Option F: "The KK with Product"--during the preseason Europe trip, AK toyed with combing his bangs forward. It looks a lot like what KK's hair would look like if he put hair product in it.


So, what do you think?

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