Blogger Power Rankings - 2 March 2009

After a long absence, the Blogger Power Rankings return. In many ways, the BPR never left. They've always offered the same high quality comments at competitive prices (AP).

I dropped off of the BPR but they went on.  Now they're back on the Dunk.  Thanks to all of the bloggers that participated this week.  Here we go...

1. Cavaliers

Celtics Blog: Cavs vs Celts on Friday.  Two PGs with ridiculous stars inscribed in their skulls.  Which idiot's team will come out on top?  A breathless nation awaits....

With Malice: "It's always you and four dummies." (The Usual Suspects)

3 Shades of Blue: King James is master of all he surveys. That includes your cupcake.

2. Lakers

3 Shades of Blue: L-A-K-E-R-S! What's that spell? Juggernaut. (I took Hooked on Phonics with Lamar Odom last summer.)

A Stern Warning: They lost their shine a little against the Suns, but as Kobe said, everyone goes through periods like this.

At the Hive: Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom haven't let L.A. miss a beat minus Bynum.

3. Celtics

Raptors HQ: Marbury experiment started off ok, we'll see how things go as we get closer to the playoffs.

With Malice: "And in their desperation they turned to a man they didn't fully understand." (The Dark Knight)

Celtics Blog: If Steph gets the ball past half court, he's not bad.  But he needs a lot of work to play Celtic style defense .  For starters Steph, no going under screens.

4. Magic

3 Shades of Blue: You lost to the Pistons, but redeemed yourselves with a win over Phoenix in the "Superman Battle" between Dwight and Shaq.

With Malice: "There's only one creature capable of leaving a footprint that size." (King Kong)

A Stern Warning: With Rafer in town, the Magic are hoping not to SKIP a beat.

5. Spurs

Raptors HQ: Steady as she goes for SA.

Hornets 24/7: Their injuries have made them slip.  A little.

3 Shades of Blue: The Zombie Horde just keeps advancing.

6. Jazz

With Malice: "Initiative comes to thems that wait ..." (A Clockwork Orange)

Hornets 24/7: Ronnie Brewer is always overlooked, but he's as important to this team as anyone not named Deron Williams.

Celtics Blog:  I've said it all year long, the Jazz will be a player in the Western Conference race...and well, I was right.

7. Rockets

3 Shades of Blue: No Tracy McGrady, no probl....wait, you mean he's injured again? He should be carrying Yao Ming's bags at this point.

Hornets 24/7: Yao never gets enough credit.  Please, just take a look at the rest of his team and tell me he shouldn't be in the MVP discussion.

Raptors HQ: The latest club to test out "The Ewing Theory."

8. Blazers

With Malice: "It's amazing what a little harmony will do." (The Alamo)

Hornets 24/7: I resent the Blazers - and fear what they may become.

Raptors HQ: Question - if Oden's injury issues continue, how soon can we start asking if Durant would have been a better choice?

9. Nuggets

3 Shades of Blue: Melo...why must you do this to us? We're trying to be nice and give you a chance, but you insist on doing something unbelievably stupid once per season, just to remind us why we don't talk about you in the same sentence with Kobe, LeBron and Wade.

At the Hive: Can we finally admit that the Marcus Camby deal was absolute genius? They got rid of AI as a result, and made the perfect call on Nene stepping up.

With Malice: "You complete me." (Jerry Maguire)

10. Hornets

At the Hive: Don't let New Orleans' 5 game winning streak fool you. The team's merely won some close games in the final minutes and has a ways to go before approaching the West's elite.

Hornets 24/7: David West is averaging 29 points and 10 rebounds since Tyson came back.  Amazing what not having to cover both the opposing PF and C can do for you.

Raptors HQ: New Orleans has looked good with Chandler back in the fold but the team still seems to be missing something.

11. Mavericks

Hornets 24/7: Honestly, they're kinda forgettable.

Raptors HQ: On again off again club that can't seem to get over the hump - aka the Hawks of the West.

3 Shades of Blue: You lost to the Thunder...who were without Kevin Durant and Jeff Green. EPIC FAIL

12. Suns

3 Shades of Blue: Beat the Lakers without Nash...lose to the Magic with him. I'm confused...

At the Hive: Is "Seven Seconds or Shaq" for real? I don't know... but Shaq defeating the Lakers in the WCF would be the most awesome thing ever.

Celtics Blog: Shaqtastic Shaqtucs

13. Hawks

With Malice: "You don't understand. I coulda had class. I coulda been a contender. I coulda been somebody, instead of a bum, which is what I am, let's face it." (On the Waterfront)

Hornets 24/7: Honestly.  Whether they get the fourth or fifth seed, does anyone think Dwayne Wade won't crush them?  Me either.

At the Hive: They've continued to play to the level of their competition, making them look awesome on National TV and mediocre elsewhere.

14. Heat

3 Shades of Blue: I'm gonna keep on beating the same drum: Dwyane Wade = One Man Show.

A Stern Warning: How I would love to see Dwyane Wade play with a decent squad again.

At the Hive: Dwyane Wade is crazy good. Problem is, Michael Beasley is way more mediocre than anyone could have imagined, and the rest of the team kind of sucks.

15. Pistons

Celtics Blog: AI on the bench?  THAT will be interesting

Hornets 24/7: Dumars is a master GM.  Bring in Iverson to keep sales and expectations up, knowing the results will be awful so he can nuke the team in the off-season and look golden.

Raptors HQ: They should be ranked lower but with AI finally coming off the bench, expect Detroit to surge back up in the East.

16. 76ers

Hornets 24/7: They are a real power forward away from being good.  There's a lot of irony there.

At the Hive: Last year they had the best rookie nobody was talking about in Thaddeus Young. This year they might have him again in Marreese Speights.

3 Shades of Blue: Beat the bad teams, lose to the good ones. That's a solid strategy for making the playoffs in the East. Good news -- you have the Grizz, Thunder and Bulls coming up!

17. Bucks

At the Hive: Good thing I didn't draft Michael Redd! Oh wait.

With Malice: "Well, we only do injuries." (The Client)

Raptors HQ: Scott Skiles should be coach of the year for his job with this team in spite of injuries.

18. Nets

With Malice: "I had always heard your entire life flashes in front of your eyes the second before you die. First of all, that second isn't a second at all, it stretches on forever, like an ocean of time..." (American Beauty)

Raptors HQ: This team has the talent to make the playoffs in the East, but again, we're talking about a team with Vince Carter on it.

SLC Dunk:  I wrote earlier that Carter deserves every loss the Nets get.  The Jazz could have been very interesting with him had they made a move for him at the deadline.

19. Bulls

At the Hive: Rose/Hinrich Gordon/Salmons Deng Thomas Miller/Noah. Am I the only one that thinks that group could make some noise this year?

Hornets 24/7: You know . . . the trades may have upgraded them to Mediocre!

Raptors HQ: This is another club that seems to be struggling to find an identity.

20. Pacers

A Stern Warning: Poor, poor Danny Granger.

Hornets 24/7: With or without Granger, they get the same results.  That's what happens when your defense is so bad it doesn't matter how many points you score.

With Malice: "Roses are red, violets are blue, I'm a schizophrenic and so am I." (What about Bob)

21. Bobcats

With Malice: "DO NOT, GO IN THERE!! WOOO!" (Ace Ventura)

Raptors HQ: Darkhorse to steal a playoff spot in the East if Augustine can find his shot again.

Hornets 24/7: Is Augustin a starting point - or an excellent instant offense 6th man?  I can't decide.

22. Knicks

Hornets 24/7: The New York Media finally have a player to lionize.  Too bad he's, at best, a sixth man on every team in the league.

With Malice: "And like that...he's gone" (Usual Suspects)

At the Hive: Al Harrington's K-Mart shoe ad has to be the most ironic commercial of the year, right?

23. Timberwolves

Celtics Blog: I miss Al.

Hornets 24/7: At least Foye has proven he can play in the league.

With Malice: "You've been mostly-dead all day." (The Princess Bride)

24. Raptors

Raptors HQ: Hard for Bryan Colangelo to defend this group of underachievers.  Major changes need to be made this off-season to get the ship back on course.

At the Hive: Wait wait, there's a 3 second rule in the NBA?

Hornets 24/7: Just kinda sad.

25. Wizards

Hornets 24/7: There's always next year - when they'll win 46 games and convince themselves they are freakin' awesome.

SLC Dunk:  It's spring time, time to fire up the hibachi?

With Malice: "Playing to lose is like sleeping with your sister. Sure she's a great piece of tail with a blouse full of goodies, but it's just illegal. Then you get into that whole inbred thing." (Hot Shots)

26. Warriors

At the Hive: If any other coach in the league pulled the stuff Don Nelson is doing right now, he'd have been fired, fined, and charged with multiple felonies

Raptors HQ: Biggest mess of a team only because they can't decide if they want to go young, or play the vets.  I mean, giving guys "nights off??"

SLC Dunk:  Don Nelson would be fantastic to coach against on Xbox Live.

27. Thunder

SLC Dunk:  With another year under their belts, the Thunder will make the NW Division the best conference in the NBA next year.

With Malice: "If I had one day when I didn't have to be all confused and I didn't have to feel that I was ashamed of everything." (Rebel Without a Cause)

Celtics Blog: Way to go taking your time with the Joe Smith buyout.  Thanks Presti.    Love, Celtics fans.

28. Grizzlies

Celtics Blog: PingPongPingPongPingPong

3 Shades of Blue: Losers of 8 in a row, this team needs something to keep playing for. Unfortunately, ping pong balls are the only thing on the horizon.

Hornets 24/7: I hope they keep playing hard and don't tank.  They never get higher than 4th in the draft no matter what they do.

29. Clippers

With Malice: "Truth hurts. Maybe not as much as jumping on a bicycle with a seat missing, but it hurts." (Naked Gun 2 and Half)

Raptors HQ: Another mess of a franchise.  When will GM's learn that signing guys like Baron Davis to huge deals is a baaaad idea?

SLC Dunk:  It's amazing some teams are even allowed to stay in the league.

30. Kings

Hornets 24/7: Just look what the 9th highest payroll can get you!  At least they have Beno locked up for four more years!

At the Hive: You know you've made it when you're ranked lower than the Clippers.

With Malice: “There's no reason to become alarmed, and we hope you'll enjoy the rest of your flight. By the way, is there anyone on board who knows how to fly a plane?” (Airplane)


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