Jazz WIN!!

This is how I think the Jazz can win tonight and eventually the series. 


Do they need to play a perfect game and series?  No, but they got to get there heads in the game.  The Lakers and any NBA team will let you get back into any ball game, it's what you do with that moment when you get back into the game. 


I am a firm believer that LA is NOT a physical team as much as Kobe likes to think they are.  The only physical player on that team is Andrew Bynum, but if you can get him swatting at everything you can get him in foul trouble pretty easily.  That is why I love Sloan saying that the team needs to get "nasty".  I think that is exactly what they need.  Gasol is very, very containable if you get all up in his grill and get him worried about refereeing more than getting the rebound.  Kobe is also containbale if you play him physically (ala Raja Bell choke slam 3-4 yrs ago).  Kobe likes to talk big and let you think he is tough and physical.


Don't let Bynum get the ball down low.  He is a terrific back to the hoop player (thanks to Kareem).  So if Boozer/Millsap/Collins can keep him off the low-block and force him to square up about 10-15 feet away then they have the advantage.  Gasol on the other hand is better facing up, but can't catch the ball on the lower block.  If whoever is guarding these 2 bigs will keep them off the low block and play them physically can contain these guys.


Kobe, well Kobe is going to get his.  I think Brewer played Kobe the best.  Brewer is more physical and his athleticism is a little more forgiving to play Kobe.  Kirilenko is too wirey and when Kobe runs him off the picks he gets held up and so there is usually a quick switch on defender 'til AK can get through the screen.  By this time Kobe has usually blown past the "switch" defender and is driving to the lane and picking up a phantom foul.  Brewer usually will fight through the screen and stays in front of Kobe for the most part.  


What the heck is up with the Lakers bench.  I guarantee we won't be getting THAT much production out of Brown and Powell throughout this series.  The other thing is the Lakers shot 55.6% compared to the Jazz 39.1%. 


Boozer is horrible on defense.  And I mean HORRIBLE.  If the Jazz can get him to give even a half-hearted effort that would be a big improvement.  He is slow.  Trevor Ariza blew past Boozer like Booz was an elementary kid playing with high school kids on a fast break where Booz had a 1/4 of the court head start.  He needs to get embarassed by that and his defense because both his speed and d have no business in a professional sport.


So, in closing the Lakers are beatable.  If the Jazz will take the call from their coach and get "nasty" with the Lakers and get them worried more about the refs then the game, that is a big head start.  Kobe and Odom got t'd up in the first game and if you can get them worried about something else then you have an advantage.  Keep Brewer on Kobe and keep the big guys off the low block.  Also, get Boozer to play some "d" and if not sit his butt on the bench and get Millsap out there. 


If the Jazz can do some of this then I think we can stretch this to a long series and gain the edge.  Of course add in the standards: low turnovers, get to the ft line, make shots and fts.

All comments are the opinion of the commenter and not necessarily that of SLC Dunk or SB Nation.

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