Brewer, Hank Gathers, World Peace, Cure for Cancer

I think I've solved something big here.  Follow me.

We know that Brewer is a hard worker.  We know that Hank Gathers (and later Bo Kimble, to honor Gathers) taught himself to shoot free throws left-handed well enough to prefer it over his right-handed free throws.  We know that no amount of late-night gym work is going to repair Brewer's right elbow.  And we know that if he headed the ball from 17 feet, or if he hacky-sacked it from 17 feet, or if he spun it on his index finger and then punched it from 17 feet like Curly Neal, that it would be roughly the same percentage shot he's getting with his jumper as presently constituted.

So why not spend the summer learning to jumpshoot lefty?  

(In a recent comment I made on someone's post about 15 minutes ago, I claimed - in the context of discussing Boozer v. Millsap - that it takes a lifetime to develop your off hand.  In the name of optimism, I rescind that comment.)

The jumpshot is beginning to look like Brewer's only weakness, and really that's only a problem when we play jerks like Kobe who taunt Brewer over it.  Oh can you imagine how sweet it would be to see Kobe drift off of Brewer in their first game next year and then see Brewer drop a lefty jumper on him... and then wink at him.... and then  say something like, "how do you like those apples, b*tch."  

(Sorry for the language BBJ.  I promise, no more.  And now that I re-read it, it sounds more like something Fes would say.  But you all get the idea.)

Seriously, if you're Brewer, what have you got to lose?  I think what he's got isn't going to get any better no matter the reps.  I think it wouldn't change his shooting percentage at all.  I think if he actually pulled it off, I would take all my money to Vegas and put it on the Jazz.

My next best suggestion for RB goes off of the Rick Barry precedent, but I can't really envision an underhanded granny jumper being an effective shot in today's NBA.  I'd still like to see it though.


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