Duh, Shaq

Have you ever gone crazy looking for a pencil?  I know I just had it...  I just used it for heaven's sakes! ...It's not on the floor....hmmmm.... where...dammit.... I know I just... oh.  Here it is, in my hand the whole time!

Is the answer to our championship just that obvious, and yet none of us has mentioned it here?  Is there a 300 pound elephant in the room (up for a trade, that is), and nobody will say anything?

Aren't the Suns ready to trade Shaq?  

And wouldn't he provide the post presence, veteran presence, and toughness so lacking in our team?  Don't you think DWill would like having him around, for both professional and social reasons?  Can you imagine how a roving AK would be rejuvenated with so much attention on Shaq?  And how it would open up Korver?  And how much trash Millsap could pick up with bodies all over Shaq?  And - now that I think about it, because believe me, I've never thought about it until just now (reading in that Steve Kerr might want to draft Big Blair) - wouldn't Shaq fit perfectly in Sloan's half-court O?  I don't mean for high pick and roll, that's what Memo can do.  But for the 4-high set, he's a fine passer; for the screens on the low block and in the paint in the flex O, he'd be brutal.  Granted, we are running more with DWIll, but not like Phoenix did.  But the Phoenix experiment showed that there's more in his tank than anybody thought when he was on his way to Phoenix.

Now, first of all - I don't know how to figure all the numbers like many of you do.  So someone will have to check that out.  Also, I'm not an idiot.  I know Shaq is past his prime, getting old, much less dominant.  I also know that I've hated him for most of his career, even when I watched him live for an LSU game in the Superdome (but, really, I've hated the refs that allowed him to play like a giant fullback instead of like a normal basketball center his whole career - especially in the finals against Allen Iverson 10 years ago....arghh).

But I also know he's still enormous; he's still got an ego big enough to drive him to work hard and play tough; and he wouldn't be our only hope - he'd be just icing on a pretty good cake.  And I don't hate him nearly as much as I hate T-Mac.  In his old age, Shaq is kind of likable.  I think he'd go for it (why not?), and I think he could fit in Boozer's place (Memo can play around him, as can AK, Sap).  He would eat Pau Gasol like a hot pocket.  He would make SLC turn all hip-hop.  He would have some hilarious hijinx with Bear.  He would set the Koof back a year of PT, but help him tremendously in practice.

And he would probably miss free throws Karl-style in the Finals.  But at least we'd be in the finals.

I submit this idea for your consideration.  Why not, I say.


(OMG!  I just realized that this trade would make Collins COMPLETELY expendable!  Genius!  A sure thing.  Go Go Go!)

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