The Best Links In All the World, In All the NBA, In All the Universe... 3 June 2009

Until I get something else up, here are some more links to tide you over

A quickie with...Deron Williams - Telegraph
Are you better than Chris Paul? "Yes. I believe I am." Fixed that for you Deron.

He's everywhereBoozer headed to Africa

Kind of a coincidence that Bosh will be accompanying him on the trip.

Deron Williams Sign
Also on Monday night, the city unveiled a new sign being posted around town honoring hometown hero and NBA basketball player Deron Williams, who won a gold medal at the Beijing Olympics in 2008 with Team USA. "There was an accomplishment made last year that gave folks in The Colony a new reason to feel hometown pride, something that hasn’t been accomplished by one of our own before, and something that was broadcast and viewed by millions of people all around the world," said Pam Nelson, community services director for the city. "Tonight we want to take a moment to recognize the accomplishment of a man named Deron Williams … who began an outstanding basketball career at The Colony High School." In attendance were Williams’ mother, Denise Smith, his grandmother, and his agent and former coach Tommy Thomas. "You did an outstanding job raising Deron," Nelson told Smith. "He’s been a great role model for this community. Every now and then when he comes to town he shoots at the high school with the kids, and we appreciate the fact we’ve been able to honor him in this way and create this sense of pride because of what he’s accomplished as a member of this community." Smith said Williams is currently in Madrid on a promotional tour for the NBA. One sign has been placed northbound on Blair Oaks near Memorial Drive. The other would be northbound on Main Street, close to State Highway 121 where it will be visible to people coming in to the city. A third sign will be installed at the recreation center, which was one of Williams’ hangouts when he lived in The Colony.

Kirk Snyder - Kind of a sad interview giving his current predicament.

The TrueHoop Stat Geek Smackdown Community Leaderboard
Not bad if I say so myself.

ESPN NBA analyst looks at free-agent market | | Detroit Free Press

On whether Carlos Boozer's agent was starting a rumor about the Utah forward landing in Detroit: "If Boozer opts out, you can take it to the bank that he thinks he has a deal somewhere. The Pistons are the only team with the room to sign him who are interested. Other teams like the Nets would have to do something via sign-and-trade."

Deseret News | Interested in Boozer? Be careful
I wasn't surprised when I read that Carlos Boozer is reportedly seeking employment with a team other than the Utah Jazz, even though he recently said he prefers to stay with the Jazz.

Deseret News | Utah Jazz: Williams isn't too worried about Boozer speculation
Deron Williams doesn't know what to make of the latest Carlos Boozer rumors — and has no idea if the two-time NBA All-Star and fellow gold medal-winning United States Olympian will be with the Jazz when they open their 2009 preseason schedule with exhibition games in London and Madrid.

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