Gordon Hayward Shows His True Self, Jazz Beat the Evil Lakers 99-94

*This post is uncensored and does mention a certain team in purple and gold. If that makes you feel queasy, please puke in the toilet.

Last night the Jazz played the HATED Lakers on NBA TV. Unfortunately, my cable network doesn’t offer NBA TV. So, instead of giving up hope of writing a well informed article today, I searched the internet for NBA TV online and to my joyful surprise I found a stream that actually worked. Now for the sad part, the stream was not for NBA TV but for FSN West the home of L.A. Basketball. So the whole night I heard the game from the perspective of a brain washed evil Laker loving announcer. The thing that fired me up the most was that the announcers stated that the Jazz are "an unsuccessful team because they NEVER win on the road." Last year the Jazz came out at over .500 on the road with a 21-20 road record. This year however is a completely new team. You cannot judge the current Jazz by a team 2 or 3 years ago. That’s like comparing the team now with the Jazz team that made it to the finals in 1998. They are a completely different team with different strengths. Well, enough with my rant lets get to the real stuff.

Gordon Hayward, ninth overall pick in the 2010 draft, won the 4A Indiana State championship at the buzzer, and came inches from a game winning shot in the NCAA finals. With that list you would think that Jazz fans would be jumping for joy over the pick but many fans were angry that we picked up another combo 2/3. Up until last night, Hayward hasn’t shown us much other than free throws and some nervous play. In the first quarter he played timid, looked nervous, and was confused on offence. The last three quarters however he showed us what he could do, other than make free throws. What I liked is when he converted a bad pass into two points. That boy has some good hands. Hayward led the Jazz with 26 points and also had 5 rebounds. I can see a bright future with this kid.

Once again I have to talk about Jefferson. He worked over Gasol in the post. It was good to see him up against some real power forward competition. He had 14 points and 5 rebounds in 30 minutes. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

The Great: Al Jefferson (Played well down low against Gasol)

Gordan Hayward (Showed us why he was drafted ninth overall)

CJ Miles(That Ally Oop with Price was awesome)

The Good:

Andrei Kirilenko (threw some nice passes, dived for the ball and got the steal)

Watson ( ran an OK point job, but rushed the offence a little)

Price (Had a nice breakaway dunk; like Watson, rushed the offence)

The Bad:

Point guards need to slow down and run through the offence

Deron is out

Evans is out

Memo is out


The Jazz played well overall, but came out to a slow start after halftime and let the Lakers take the lead. The Jazz shot 50.7% from the field and 37.5% from behind the three. They are 6-0 still undefeated in the preseason with two games left until the start of the Regular Season. You can read this and other articles on my Jazz blog Basketball and All That Jazz

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