Sports Radio in Utah

Recently, here at SLC dunk, a March madness type survey was given to determine who the most popular sports radio personality is. 

I decided to write my own review of the sports radio personalities.  In doing this, I will only review the shows that are produced here in Utah.

"The Hans and OC Show"

This is a new show on 1280 the Zone with longtime host Hans Olsen and newcomer Sean O'Connel (OC).  Hans is probably the best overall sports radio personality in Utah.  He has been in the huddle in the biggest games and provides a viewpoint that is unique and entertaining.  Sean is new, but in the first few times I have listened to him, he has been pretty good.  I doubt that OC will have the same chemistry and ability to set Hans up as John Lund did, but he will be pretty good. 

The morning show on 1280 is by far the best option in the market. 

"DJ and PK"

These guys have been together doing a show for about 8 years now.  Until the summer of 2007, they were on the Zone but then took a big pay raise to go to 1320 KFAN.  Unfortunately, the quality of their show stayed at the Zone.  PK (Patrick Kinahan) is a buffoon.  His whole system is to  take an obnoxious stance and belittle and harass anyone who falls into his trap.  As the years have gone on, David James seems less and less interested and seems to be growing tired of PK's act. 

The one area where this show has an advantage over its competition at the Zone is in the guests.

"Jan and Gunther"

These two are former football players.  Jan Jorgenson at BYU and Kyle Gunther at the U.  Their knowledge and insight is top notch.  However, too frequently they delve into juvenille antics.  Jan will be trying to make a point, and Kyle will keep interrupting him to make fun of Austin Collie or Max Hall.  Kyle will also say things like "Jan, you and I aren't friends anymore"  Additionally, if the subject of Utah going to the Pac-12 comes up, Jan will lash out at anyone who says anything about it and will instantly become overly defensive.  I am all for having fun and joking around, but this show can go WAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYY too far.


Ben Bagley is the best on-air host in the market.  He gives good opinions that are well thought out.  He does a good job with his interviews and brings the listener in with his style.  Alema Harrington is there as filler.  Alema is a great guy, but just isn't very entertaining to me.  Yes, I know he is from huh-why-ee, as he tells us on a weekly basis, but I want to hear more insights.

It is too bad that Bagley is used to babysit Alema.  He could be great with his own show.

"The Gordon Monson Show"

Gordon Monson is obnoxious, and  a bandwagon jumper.  His opinions are well thought out and strong, but too often he takes what is easy rather than looking for something in-depth to say.  For instance, this past week when Utah lost to TCU and BYU beat UNLV soundly, Monson spent a good deal of his time talking about how Utah was not invinceable and BYU could beat them.  A third grader could give more analysis. 

Also, Monson will absolutely not come down from anything or accept anyone else's point of view.  During the summer, Kyle Whittingham announced that he would not field any questions about Utah going to the Pac-12 until after the 2010 season.  Predictably, Monson cried and talked about how Whittingham was taking away his freedom of speech and was acting immaturely.  The vast majority of calls/texts were grateful for Whittingham and the fact that he would stay focused on the task at hand, rather than look ahead.  Monson only became more irate.  He was more concerned about someone taking away a story from him than he was about giving a fair opinion of the situation.

"Boler, Locke, and Garrard"

This show is fairly new, as Locke used to be with Bagley during drive time.  Garrard is very talented and, if Kfan wanted the top notch billing they claim to have, they would pair Garrard and Bagley. 

Locke does his homework.  He has even made up some stats of his own that he keeps track of.  The thing is, he goes way too far.  He talks about stats that are of negligible value and talks them up as though they are the main factor in a particular game.  Additionally, Locke considers himself superior to everyone.  He believes he has all the answers and even if you agree with him, you are wrong because he thought of it before you were even born!  He also kisses major butt when he is talking to a Jazz player.  It is obnoxious.  Despite the fact that he constantly contradicts himself, he claims his opinions are long held.  As bad as he is during his show, he is more awful trying to get through Jazz games.  He tries to take the attention off of the game and onto himself.  Hot Rod never did this.

Boler is just there because he has a deep voice.  I have yet to hear him add anything to the discussion. 

If I was KFAN, I would put Bagley and Garrard on a show during drive time.  Then I would RECORD a show with Locke, Boler, and Alema during the afternoon and play it at 2 in the morning.  I would much rather go with syndication then those three.

"Bill and Spence"

Bill and Spence are big Ute fans.  They don't try to hide it either, which is good.  If you are a Ute fan, or a fan of RSL, you will enjoy their show, because it caters to you.  If you don't, then you will not want to waste your time.  They are funny and have some good insights, but they go off on too many tangents to make listening to them easy. 

What do you think? 

@SportsInUtah on twitter.

All comments are the opinion of the commenter and not necessarily that of SLC Dunk or SB Nation.

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