The Dread Pirate Roberts

The Man in Black



With Brandon Roy’s knees looking like they have hung around with Greg Oden too long, the Dread Pirate Roberts looks like he will get to take over the ship in Portland.



I know the Jazz have moved on and OMSW is no longer with us, but it is still fun for me to see him get minutes. Maybe Portland knew that Roy’s legs were in trouble this year and they saw an opportunity to lock down a player that could end up replacing him better than anyone (other than Yucca Man) would have thought.



Last night in the Blazers one point win over the Grizzlies, the Blazers got 30 points from the Man in Black. He still plays the kind of D that we were accustom to seeing from a farm boy we used to know, but last night he was knocking down 3s, making plays off of the dribble, and developing immunity to iocane powder.

 The Dread Pirate Roberts beating Jeff Van Gundy in a battle of wits.


The Blazers have had a history of having good shooting guards. Could the Man in Black take over that role and become the face of our division rival? I guess time will tell. For now he listening to everything Nate McMillan is asking him to do and just responding, “As you wish.”


Mean while here in Jazz town, we do miss him and it looks like we might have made a mistake not matching the outrageous Trailblazers offer. Some Jazz fans might say, “You mock my pain.” Well I will just respond that, “Life is pain.... Anyone who says differently is selling something.”




Which one of them really said, “It's not my fault being the biggest and the strongest. I don't even exercise.”




However even without the DPR, we still do have our own version of Fezzik. Besides having the biggest and strongest man, the Jazz are built better I feel than we have been since the late 90s teams. Big Al is taking time, but if we are 7 and 4 with 5 road wins against teams that were in the playoffs last year, you have to think that this has to be a good sign. Millsap has been everything we had hoped for and AK is playing with confidence that he never seemed to consistently have during the Boozer years. With Memo hopefully healing and being able to give CJ some scoring help off the bench, I think the Jazz are in as good of a position to make a move in the west as they have every been.




Hello, my name is Deron Williams. You eliminated my team from the playoffs, prepare to Die.




Lastly Deron seems to be out for revenge like our friend Inigo Montoya. The only difference between Deron’s revenge and Inigo Monoya’s revenge is that Deron is looking to take revenge on the man who is looking for his sixth ring, and Inigo Montoya is after the man with six fingers. So as this year goes on lets just hope Deron is able to get his revenge, the way Inigo Montoya got his.





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