The Downbeat - 4 November 2010 - #353 - The 1/20th Edition

  So I might get a little sensitive when people start comparing Rajon Rondo to John Stockton.  What Rondo has done to start the season has been amazing and is taking it to another level.  He has more assists in the first five games of a season than both Stockton and Magic had.  I don't want to take anything away from that.  He's averaging 16.4 a game over that period.

However, (you know that was coming right?), let's look at averaging 16 assists a game.  Stockton had runs of 9, 6, 5, and 5 games with at least 16 assists a ball game.  If you drop that to 15 assists, he had 8 streaks longer than five games of consecutive 15+ assist games including a 12-game streak.

If you're looking to starts of the season, in the 1989-90 year, his highest assist per game average of his career, he started the first ten games with a 15.6 average and had 10 games that season with 20+ assists including a season-high 27.  That same season he had 7 games where he didn't have double-digit assists.  In 3 of those 7 games, he had 9 assists.  He also averaged 16.3 for an entire month in 1990.

The same was true in the 1991 season when he had just 7 games again without double-digit assists with another three games of 9 assists. 

While Rondo's play has impressed, the bar has been set too high for me.  Let's not start putting Rondo in the same discussion as Stockton.

  Surprising play of the season so far goes to Ronnie Price.  In 36 minutes, he's putting up 13 & 5 and 4 steals.  He's second on the team in true shooting percentage  (takes into account 2-pt FG, 3-pt FGs, and FTs) with 65.8%.  He's looked good offensively in that off-guard spot.

And since that dunk last night didn't make top plays, here it is

Ronnie Price's Dunk against the Toronto Raptors (via utahjazzbball)

  Funny take from Dan at BDL on the plague that is gastric distress that's affecting the Jazz right now.  I do know from the Dodge Barrage that the Jazz players, especially Deron, likes the McNuggets.  Maybe they need to lay off those a bit.

  Complete the sentence:  Boozer got his cast off yesterday.  He celebrated by  __________

  Thursday poll,

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