The Utah Jazz Game Broadcast Drinking Game of Drinking



**Disclaimer:  Only try this at home and only when you have no where to go that night**

A Little Background:

Some time ago, in this burgeoning season, I was engaged in a game chat of sorts on Twitter, as I am wont to do.  My company (if memory serves me) was @CowhideGlobe, @Jazzhype, and @RyanSmurf and we were having a frank discussion about the nuances of one Matt Harpring's color commentary, and by frank discussion I mean talking about how much he uses phrase " this league".  He has made it the most versatile phrase in any broadcasters repertoire, as it can be used in any situation, and he uses it a lot.  We decided (@CowhideGlobe and I) that the opportunity for a drinking game made itself and vowed to take a drink of our adult beverage of choice whenever Harp used the old go to phrase, with @Jazzhype there to keep track (he's not a drinker).  

The Game:

To make things interesting I have decided to bring Boler into the mix, because well, how could we leave our beloved football announcer out?  Here's some rules to get you started, but feel free to add your own rules.  So grab a good amount of your beverage of choice and enjoy the game, because if there's one thing I've learned over my years as a Jazz fan, its that drinking helps.

If Matty uses his pet phrase "[yada, yada, yada] in this league"- take a drink.

If Boler or Matty provides an UDQ (unintentional dirty quote) for Moni- take a nice long drink (I suggest waiting until you're done laughing).

If Boler uses the term "hammered down" in the context of a made free throw- drink.

Whenever Harpring mispronounces a player's name- drink (and hope the game isn't vs. the Bucks, say it with me Mbah A Moute)

If there is a controversial call everyone must voice their opinion on the call (good call/ bad call), if Harp agrees with you- drink up.

If they go to Big T and shrink the game when the action has hit a feverish pitch, don't get angry-  finish your drink

Any football reference at all- one drink (and smash the can on your head, if you dare, and if its the 4th quarter you probably will)

If the boys announce the "Diamond Play of the Game" and something more fantastic happens afterwards- take two drinks

Whenever Harpring mentions toughness- man up and take 3 drinks

If Harp's M&M's become the subject of banter- take a swig

If either one decides to "tell you what"- drink

When Harp calls DWill "D Train"- cringe then take a nice long gulp

If Boler announces a "circus shot"- take a drink

Any play thats worthy of the "Morgan Jewler" label is worthy of a drink- take one.

When the game is coming down to the wire, if Boler instructs us to "Buckle Up"- Take a shot, cause you're gonna need it.

If Fes doesn't win Subway Sub of the Game- one drink

Oh, and if Booner is doing the color, sit back, crack a cold one, and enjoy the glory that is the Iron Man.

There you go Jazz fans.  Gather your friends, your drink,  plenty of good food, and let's play the basketball.

All comments are the opinion of the commenter and not necessarily that of SLC Dunk or SB Nation.

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