DWill leaves....

...I leave.
The chemistry of the team is more important than anything. I see the team coming out flat as hell today and laying an egg in golden state. DWill will get frustrated early and it will be the Warriors coasting to the end. Ronnie Brewer was more than a player, he was a guy that made the team play harder when he gets a steal to a breakaway layup. Hustle plays, which have been talked about it length the past couple of broadcasts is what Brewer brought to the table. Sure he had the worst shot on the team excluding Fess and the KOOF, but he did the little things that aren't recorded on the stat sheet that made a difference.

Who is going to cover Kobe when he comes to town? Not our shooting. KK? No way? CJ? Still in high school. Wesley? He is a rookie and Kobe will eat him for breakfast. And also the refs will help when they can. AK? Probably. But then who covers Odom? Pau? The reason I am referring to the lakers is because they are the team to beat no matter what people say. You can beat everybody else in the West but if you can't even match up to LA. Your only shot is hoping somebody else takes care of them.

DWill was unhappy about the Maynor trade, but it seems to have smoothed over. Price stepped in and did fine. But now you are taking away a guy that has barely missed any time for the Jazz. The only game he didn't start last season was because he was late to shoot around. DWill and Brewer have  matured together and breaking that up is not good for the team.

Boozer is star. The Jazz want to keep him so they have leverage over him at the end of the season. The way I see it is that if he preforms well in the playoffs then they are going to swing a lot of money his way. If not, they will probably low ball him and essentially let him walk for nothing.

Losing only two games since Jan. 9th means nothing? It boggles the mind that this trade would be made and we aren't even under the luxury tax still. The chemistry and the hard fought victories are becoming apparent and would have never seen this team pull out the wins they did at the beginning of November. The starting lineup itself with AK and crew is playing out of their mind. The ball movement is a sight to see and makes everything transition to the defensive end as well.

The contract we traded away was a restricted one. So we could have matched anything they threw at brewer. Now the grizzles can do that as well because apparently Rudy Gay will walk after the season. So any possibility of fixing this mistake seems to be out the windows. And the protected pick we got back is garbage. Good Contract for a terrible pick, makes no sense other than money but not even that appears to have worked out.

Quick Summary
- terrible shooter/FT%
- but electrified the team and crowd
- guarded the premier SGs in the league which we always have problems with
- gave up restricted contract
- freed up money to sign boozer at the end of the season
- DWill is mad, don't get ninja mad
- and also the only reason the jazz get on the top ten sc plays

Good luck in GS and the record count w/o brewer begins
0 - 0

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