Hate CJ Guidelines, or "A Blog Divided..."

During tonight's epic game thread vs. Golden State (I stopped posting when the count reached 747), there was quite a bit of CJ bashing which cooled a bit after some brave bloggers stood up for him.  It was kind of like being at dinner with the in-laws and everyone assumes it's okay to bash the president and finally you say, "Hey, I voted for that guy!  Give him a chance!"  Anyhoo, I would like to recommend some guidelines for how to hate on CJ properly, appropriately, lest the group dynamics become less like what RRR calls "The #1 Jazz Site in the World!!!" and more like the island of boys in Lord of the Flies. (Cue Trent Reznor.)

1. CJ is not your whipping post - don't hate on CJ out of frustration caused by KOC, Boozer-D, D-league rosters, or Kobe Bryant existing.

2. CJ is a mall rat - and this is a good reason to hate on him since it is indicative of his maturity level, which may be the only thing preventing him from becoming Ray Allen 2.0.

3. CJ with feet set, missed - no hate.

4. CJ without feet set, miss or make - bring the hate.

5. CJ Heat checks - hate.

6. CJ Passing - ...well, after we see a pass from CJ, we'll decide if it merits hate or no hate. I'm inclined to say any time he passes it's a good thing because he must REALLY be covered.

7. What if CJ is keeping Korver on the bench? a) 1st 2nd 3rd quarters, no hate allowed. b) 4th quarter, bring the hate.

8. What if CJ is keeping Matthews on the bench? It depends on the defensive assignment: for example if it's vs. a high scoring slasher (Kobe, T-Mac, Kevin Martin, Ginobli) then bring the hate, whereas if it's not someone that can torch us, we might as well see if CJ can torch them.  CJ is more likely to get 25 than Matthews - but if we need to shut somebody down, then it has to be Matthews.

9. CJ Scowling - this is also a mixed bag.  If he's scowling it's because he's already hit some shots, but rest assured he will start jacking some heat checks.  Hate, in this case, is up to the discretion of the viewer.

10.  CJ kickin' it with his boy D-Will - NO HATE ALLOWED.  D-Will must remain in Jazz Green until he retires.  If we have to pay $4m for D-Will to have an X-box buddy and someone to kiss a$$ at the golf tournament, then it's money well-spent.  (This is the biggest indictment, i believe, of the Brewer trade.)


I so move, with respect.

CJ Miles dunk on Amare Stoudemire (via memoismoney)

All comments are the opinion of the commenter and not necessarily that of SLC Dunk or SB Nation.

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