The Downbeat - 25 February 2010 - #173 - The Dunkers Night Out Edition


The Jazz are now 5-1 after the break and though they've sputtered on offense, they've been getting it done on the defensive end.  Check out the scores and ratings,

Game OffEff DefEff
Season Average 106.4 101.6

CHA 93 UTH 102 W 112.1 102.2
ATL 105 UTH 100 L 117.6 123.5
UTH 93 POR 89 W 97.9 93.7
UTH 100 GSW 89 W 100 89
UTH 98 NOR 90 W 99 90.9
UTH 104 HOU 95 W 103 94.1


With the exception of the Atlanta game and last night's game, the Jazz have shut down their opponents.  We finally saw the offense clicking in the second half of last night's performance, so hopefully they're getting out of this mini funk they've been in.

Another note is their point differential.  Prior to the All-star break, it was +4.7 which is very good.  Post All-star break though puts them at +6.

  Dwight Howard had 30 & 16 last night while going perfect from the field, 10-10 (Boozer was pretty close last night).  I remember Karl had a game with a perfect FG% and at least 10 shots.

Turns out that he had two such games, going 12-12 in both of them.  From what I can tell, and only goes back to 86-87, he's the only one to have done that twice.

Malone isn't the only power forward for the Jazz to accomplish this.  Our own Antoine Carr also put up a 10-10 and had exactly 20 points.  His game was one of only 2 that resulted in a loss though for their team.

The most surprising entry on that list of players is Gary Payton, the only guard.  He also had the most made field goals with 14.  Impressive.

  If you voted "Vet" for the type of player the Jazz will get to fill their 13th roster spot, pat yourself, or have someone pat you, on the back.  Siler spoke to KOC and confirmed  that they're looking at a vet but will wait until players have been released to do so.

  So if we're going to do a night out, it better be soon as we only have 10 games left.  If you would like to come, please select one of multiple games below that you would possibly like to attend.

I didn't include the next two as I don't think we could get it together by then.  We will get this done this season.

  Thursday poll

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