Reflections from Section K, Row 25, Seat 12

Scored Jazz tix again last night, including a free hot dog on which I put mustard, catchup, frysauce and pickles.  Don't knock it 'til you've tried it.  Here's what I learned:

1. Wesley Matthews looks like Wesley Snipes... maybe "sniper" for a nickname, especially given his shooting of late?  OMSW-the-Sniper?  Whatever.

2. Wesley Matthews is fearless.

3. Deron Williams is a real ninja...just like when Pinnochio becomes a real boy, I'm talking about the same amount of realness but as a ninja.  He had a move that started at the 3 point line, ended at the basket, and went around every limb, changed hands at least three times, broke 11 ankles, and took about 17% effort from D-Will.  He's that good.

4. Every play is a fast break with deron, until it isn't.  Andre Miller was like this at the U.  Push the ball up until the window closes, then responsibly bring it back out.  Every pg should play this way.

5. Fesenko's limbs are made of gummy worms and his shoes are actually toaster ovens and his hands are dolphin flippers.  Still, he is the best and biggest big man we're always saying we don't have.  Let him play.  Let him play.  Let him play.  The only way he'll learn to stay on his feet is with experience.  The only way he'll take free throws seriously is if he has to start taking a bunch of them.  Let him play.

6. I know we have said this ad nauseum, but boozer's help d is atrocious.  In fact, a lot of the bigs' help is bad.  But specifically, it's bad when the other big is on the block opposite boozer's big.  The Wiz had a handful of one-on-one post moves that met no resistance in the lane.  There is no reason for Booze to be on the outside of the lane on the weakside when the strong side has the ball on the block.  (Actually, am I running up against illegal defense here?  Is that why he doesn't drift in to help?  I don't really know that rule very well.. somebody clarify.)

7. Some Jazz dancers are hot and sexy.  Others are ridiculous.  There was one in particular who's head shaking looked more like she was in the middle of a bad car accident and less like strutting.  It was weird.  Subtlety is a virtue in all the arts.

8. Gaines can shoot.  I think I like him better than Price.  Any thoughts?  He really gets in guys' faces on D too, an annoying bugger.  For a stretch, he was the only one playing D (he was checking Foye).

9. I've never left a game early in my life.  I think it's classless.  But I had to drive an hour to get home and be at work this morning by 7.  So we left with 7 minutes left.  At that point, it was essentially a Fesenko drill, which was fun for a little while.

10.  Deron's first foul was an offensive foul where he raised to shoot from the baseline and popped Foye (I think it was Foye) in the jaw with his elbow.  HOW IS THAT ANY DIFFERENT THAN DURANT OR KOBE OR GINOBLI RAISING THEIR ARMS FROM UNDER A DEFENDER'S OUTSTRETCHED ARMS TO DRAW A FOUL?  WHO IS ENTITLED TO THE SPACE?  bs call.  bs cs call.  the C is for Chicken.

All comments are the opinion of the commenter and not necessarily that of SLC Dunk or SB Nation.

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