Reflections from kitchen chair, watching pixelated feed

1. Wesley Matthews is going to save all of us.  He is AK circa 2002.  He is Mansap Circa 2007.  He is KOOF circa 2011.  How did we get so lucky?  Doesn't that usually happen to other people's teams?  Like the Patriots and Kentucky and the Phillies?  Thank you Wesley.  Thank you Wesley.

2. Eff Bill Simmons and his 21st Century Boston Celtics.  He's never given respect to the Jazz and he can suck on this loss for a few days.  It's unclear to me how you can write a book like the one he wrote, how you can buy in so deeply to the Celtics mystique and then not recognize a TEAM that plays TEAM basketball the way god and Moses and Dr. James Naismith intended.  Deron will win a championship before CP3.  He will win MVP before CP3.  He will enter the HOF before CP3.  It doesn't even matter if that violated jinxing policy because the momentum of Deron is so heavy he will overcome my jinx too.  Screw Simmons.

3. Okur can rebound!  I'd like to order up some more rebounds with a side of icepick-in-the-heart 3's at the deadliest moments.

4.  Is CJ growing up?  Growing into his talent?  If so, watch out.

5.  Not sure what to think about Boozer, especially in light of Yucca's comments the other day.  The body language between Booze and Dwill was very positive tonight.  Remember when D passed it in to Booze at the elbow and CJ was wide open but Booze missed it?  So he kicks it back out, CJ curls around Booze and drags the defense with him, then Booze dives to the block gets the pass and the And-1?  Well right after that shot, Dwill came over and they were giggling all giddy like those pricks from Kentucky who think they can beat Ohio State in the final.  It was so....right.  Booze is very likeable when he's likeable.  Like when he blocked that

6. OMG!  That block and dunk was so cool.  If I had done that, I would have two handed on the run, Barkley style.  But it was so glorious to see Ray Allen look like a JV scrub sent into a Varsity game all of a sudden.

7.  Note to self - never miss the 3rd quarter of a Jazz game.

8. Sorry I missed the thread.  I was doing some other work while I watched.

9.  Could somebody please catch the entire Nuggets organization with a trunkload of marijuana?  We can beat them in a series, but it would be nice if they didn't pick up the #2 seed.

10.  OMSW for President.  He could get us to real universal health care without unconstitutional mandates.  That would be awesome.  Wesley Matthews will save us all.

All comments are the opinion of the commenter and not necessarily that of SLC Dunk or SB Nation.

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