Reflections from the "Bradseco Fieldcenter"


I had the wonderful opportunity to see the Jazz play both at the Bradley Center against the Bucks and at Conseco Fieldhouse against the Pacers. Both games I was in the lower bowl. Both games, they lost. Every other game that I havent gone to, the Jazz have won by 20+ points. Or at least it feels like it.

I briefly let myself wonder if I was bad luck for the Jazz, but then I remembered that I don't believe in luck or jinxes. It is a possibility that God is trying to teach me not to let sports be the main focus of my life. I'm hoping that after two games, He knows that I've gotten the point. 

Brief recap of the Bucks game. I was behind one of the baskets, about 10 rows back. They were good seats and I got a good deal for them, so I was determined to enjoy the game. I did, but that was mostly due to having a wonderful date along side me, keeping me somewhat calm while the Jazz blew it. 

In regards to the Bogut crew, or whatever you call them. Wow. Purely awesome. The were chanting, waving flags, and going nuts the entire game. The entire atmosphere there was very cool. It felt a lot like a college basketball game. 

I don't remember too much from the game (as I didn't take notes), so I can't comment on much. However, I will contribute a short list of things that most of you already know about the Bucks.

1. Brandon Jennings is going to be one of the elite point guards in this league. He's very mature for his age and knows when to take over games. If he develops a consistent pull up jumper, he could be scary. 

2. Andrew Bogut is an animal. I don't remember seeing much range from him during the game, but he does have a very smooth hook shot in the lane with either hand. And he's a step faster than Memo, so he had that open all game.

3. The Bucks have more ugly, foreign white guys than we do. Crazy eh?


The game in Indianapolis was a last minute decision. I bought a ticket on Ebay for $5, sat in front of about 50 Indians (from India) for the first quarter, and then snuck down to the lower level for the rest of the game. 


1. Earl Watson is a punk. He should play for the Denver Nuggets. Or the Cincinnati Bengals. 

2. I was hoping that the crappy, no-defense Jazz team would not still exist....but they were there that night. When Josh McRoberts tries to throw a hammer down on you, you know you're in trouble.

3. I won't take any credit away from Danny Granger though. He's a beast. I think he has a chance of being elite in a few years if he works hard. He reminded me a bit of Kevin Durant.

4. Sometimes, even if the defense is good...a team just can't miss from 3-point land. We've been on the good side of that, and unfortunately, that game we were on the bad side. I think that Jerry could have done a better job with his time out usage in the third quarter to get the team gathered early in the run that the Pacers made. But, he didn't...and it blew out of proportion.

Overall, it was a fun night, despite the Jazz losing again. I got to sit 10 rows off the court for five dollars, so I'm not complaining. 


I don't know how to add pictures into here, so here is a direct link to some of the pictures that I took at the Pacers-Jazz game.

Jazz-Pacers pics

Oh gosh, I forgot the most exciting part. In the pre-game warmups at Conseco, Sundiata was dunking left and right. Including a vicious back-to-papa two hand slamma' that cause the crowd to whisper and go "oooooooh". Ronnie Price, not to be outdone, proceeded to throw one down with his right hand after passing the ball smoothly between his legs while in midair. It was ridiculous.

All comments are the opinion of the commenter and not necessarily that of SLC Dunk or SB Nation.

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