Inspiration from the Comment Threads.

Well, Denver Stiffs, I've been inspired. For whatever it's worth, your game threads really generate some introspection and deep thinking. So, in honor of the poetry I've seen over there, here are some of my personal goals:

1. Never whine about the refs. 

Holy freaking crap. My Kindergarteners handle disappointment better than I saw in those posts. I know I'll break this rule sometimes (especially when Millsap is involved), and I do think a few gems should be openly and enthusiastically mocked (like Marcus Camby's foul on Steve Nash, as called by the incomparable Joey Crawford).

And I know the refs stunk this series. I was sick of the constant whistles. But so what. Life's messy sometimes. The universe doesn't exist to entertain me nor to fulfill my fantastic whims. And sometimes my guys will be on the wrong side of dumb calls.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Quit whining about refs. Everyone, everywhere, Nuggets fans, Jazz fans, all fans, for the love of Zeus, quit whining about the refs. Are there any fans in the universe that can accept defeat without saying it's all because of the refs?

2. Never bring personal attacks, life-threatening-diseases, or glee-filled-wishes-for-injuries into any conversation.

Remember how irate so many of the Nuggets' fans got over the George Karl cancer-referenced sign idea? Remember how embarrassed most of us felt about it? Well some of these same fans wrote that they'd like Deron to tear his ACL or suffer some other kind of season and/or career ending injury. Ye-hah, baby. What a load of crap.

And do you know what? That cancer sign wasn't nearly as hateful as the Deron injury wishes. The cancer sign was somebody trying to be edgily funny and failing both miserably and offensively. That ladies and gents ain't hate. It's a lot of other really bad things, but it's not really hate. If you don't believe me, look up the word in the dictionary. Actively hoping and wishing something awful happens to someone because you really, really dislike him? That's hate. And yeah, a torn ACL's not nearly as bad as a life-threatening disease. But it still sucks. Just ask Memo.

3. Never write anonymous, pseudonymous junk that I'm much too civilized to actually say out loud or stamp my real name next to.

I know what's going to happen next. Someone will brag that they do say trash out loud, and they do stamp their names to insulting, mean-spirited, profane crud.

Well, good for you.

4. Put Denver Stiffs right next to the Rockets Red Glare on the list of opposing fan sites too mean-spirited to even bother visiting. I'll hang out with Blazer fans instead.

Goodbye Nuggets, sayonara Denver Stiffs, I'm looking forward to never thinking about you again this season.

And lest I be called a hater, an anti-Nugget, or whatever, I ask all of us at SLCDunk to plese follow these rules. We know our chances against the Lakers aren't good. We know our team is more likely to end the season with a loss than a win--whether we pull of a miracle against LA or not.

So let's not let OUR site have any of this crap on when our guys go down. Let's not have OUR site join someone else's list of miserable fans on SportsNation.

* I haven't written in a while. I was terrified to. Just like I was terrified to watch an entire Jazz/Nuggets game.

The Jazz followed up on my last post by losing to Houston, Phoenix, and Denver-game 1. Those also happened to be the last 3 games I saw from opening tip to final buzzer. Family stuff kept me away from games 2-4 until the mid-3rd quarters. So, of course, I knew I couldn't watch game 5 from the beginning. One of my grad school classmates actually threatened me, letting me know that if I did, and if the Jazz lost, she'd hold me personally responsible. So I came into game 5 at the same time as always, mid-3rd quarter. Thank Zeus the Jazz lost. I now felt free to watch an entire game again (which I did tonight), and write about my Jazz-obsession.

I love how sports make even the most reasonable dudes cower in superstition.

All comments are the opinion of the commenter and not necessarily that of SLC Dunk or SB Nation.

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