Previewing The Jazz/Lakers One Tweet At A Time

We're running low on time before the Jazz and Lakers tip off in game 1.  So here's a quick breakdown of the Jazz players in the series and some keys

@D_Will_8_4real, Needs to be completely dominant and take it to Fisher. Also expect not to get any calls, don't complain.  Any dunks featuring Gasol are nice

@CBooze, Get used to taking a lot of jumpers, you're going to have to make those. Don't be afraid to pass around the big men. Bring some nastiness.

@WillyWonka, Don't be distracted by all the shiny. Remember that you're a big man.  Make sure to go pee before you get out on the court. Make 2 of 6 FTs

@CJMiles34, Might be the player with the biggest mental block. Needs DWill to get him going early. If only we could transfer Matthews' mentality to him.

@OMSW, He's going to have to keep Kobe honest on D by hitting shots. Then he gets to defend Kobe. I say "gets" because Matthews truly wants to.

@Manslapped, He's going to be overmatched in height but not in heart. That still might not suffice against LA's talent. He needs to be efficient in shots

@HesSoHotRightNow, We'll need the 53% from three Korver to open things up inside. Also, if you have a wide-open shot to tie a game at the buzzer, take it!

@ThePriceIsWrongB!, No fear or intimidation here. If only we could harness his energy into a drink. I'm looking forward to a huge block and a dunk and shoving

@THEKOOF, No offense, but if he's in, we're in trouble. I do want to see a #BOOMBITCHES moment with requisite gif. He does have 6 fouls to give though

@Jughead, His shot has put the Jazz on this alternate course yet now we see those two realities converging in LA.  How creepy is that? Freaks me out

@othyusjeffers, Enjoy the star gazing.

@AKWSUA, please come back soon.

@key1, Shock the NBA early with a game 1 win.  Remember, past events have no bearing on the future

@key2, The Jazz cannot get into a large hole early. It's nice to be able to come back, but if you're going to break the cycle, it starts here.

@key3, Get ready to play perfect.  No pressure.


Game thread coming at 1:30 MST

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