A couple thoughts from the game last night. aka: why I will think about ending my life as a jazz fan if the Utah Jazz resign Carlos Boozer.

This look familiar?



First of all, I loved the effort by most of the players last night. I thought they played hard and they kept it close when they easily could have pulled an Atlanta Hawks and lost by 20....or 40?? That’s really all we as fans can ask, is that they bust their butts. So props to our Jazz.

Now a couple of obvious critiques:

-Hey Fes and Koof, lets work on those 2 footers. I am just thinking that as a 7 footer, the 2 foot layup shots should be a pretty well honed skill set. Maybe this will help:  Layup Drills (and no that isn’t carlos boozer with the sunglasses on)

-To the Jazz Big men: How about something called boxing out. I am pretty sure I saw Jack NIcholson flying in for a put back dunk during the 4th quarter.  And if the guy is reaching over your back, an inadvertent elbow to the nuts might keep him off you.  Just saying, think back to Stockton and Malone who were masters at small unnoticed cheap shots that got the opponents mad.  This all goes back to the arguments we've had for years that this team is just not tough. Please prove us wrong. You have to be banging with these guys down low. (Warning: an accurate translation of this strategy for Fesenko might be needed.)

-Boozer!!! What the heck is your problem man? Last I checked you were a pretty big and strong young man. True you aren't 7 feet tall, but you weigh more than Gasol, Odom and Bynum.  Your bark may be bigger than your bite, but there is no excuse for you to not be keeping these guys out of the paint. Remember how you say before every game that you are “5% body fat coming right at you?” Gasol should be trying to hit fade aways and hook shots from at least 6 feet away from the rim because you are not allowing him to get any closer to the basket.  And guess what Boozer, driving into two 7 footers with BYU layups is not gonna be very effective.  (see: the Opposite of a BYU Layup- Even Donyell Marshall gets it at 0:34) So if you are going to continually play like a little girl, why not let more effective scorers like Paul Millsap do the scoring? Then you can bust your butt playing some freaking defense. In other words Carlos, have more games like this:

P. Millsap 26 Pts (on 10-17 shooting and 6-8 FT), 11 Reb, 4 Ast,3 Stl, 1 Blk

-To the Jazz front office:  You guys would have to be absolutely crazy to sign boozer to a long term 15 mill a year contract after the efforts he has put forward ON DEFENSE. I just don't want a guy on my team who isn't willing to sacrifice his numbers to actually help the team win (think 20-10, since that is what he got again last night even though it was obvious that he got owned and did not help the team win with a team worst -13 +/-). Last night the jazz needed him to at least hinder “the Big Threesome” of the Lakers, play physical and not allow them to get offensive rebounds on 50% of their shots. Instead he shot 21 times and got to the free throw line 3 times.  Oh yeah and did I mention help defense? 

The sad truth is that I think Boozer is talented enough to be a CONSISTENT dominant PF in the league if he really wanted to be.  Maybe he could even start putting up Malonesque numbers. While we are on the subject: How many all defensive teams did Karl Malone make? 4.  Was Malone 7 feet tall or have long arms? Nope. Did Malone have to use proactive to clean up his acne? No (although rogaine did wonders for his image).  Ok its not fair to compare Boozer to the “Mailman” right?  Wrong!! The Jazz are looking at possibly signing him for near max money for the next five years and basically putting the franchise in his hands to deliver us a championship. This is what freaks me out:  A player who has missed 500,000 games because of muscle strains, refuses to play defense, and has a name that rhymes with loser and user could be the jazz go to guy for the next 5 years.  Millsap may not have as cool tattoos as boozer, or touch the ball after every freethrow, or even get to have face time in the cool NBA playoff commercial, but guess what? The Man just put up some pretty impressive numbers against LA last night, and has proven everytime he’s been asked to start a game that he can fill the void that is Carlos Boozer. So please let Boozer walk this offseason and give the reins to the next Louisiana Tech alumn, and I believe future All Star Paul Millsap.

(other words that rhyme with boozer: bruiser,  user, doozer,  Kaboomzer, oblique-strainer, jazz killer, False Accuser, and contract abuser [thanks clark]. Yes I made some of those up)

-On a more positive note...props to boozer for hitting the deck going after a loose ball for the first time this year last night. (I would have inserted a picture of him diving for a loose ball here but I went through 50 google image search pages and couldnt find one.)

All comments are the opinion of the commenter and not necessarily that of SLC Dunk or SB Nation.

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