If I Was GM - 2010 Mock Draft

There's plenty of NBA rumors out there. Tons of them. Big names changing locations in free agency. Trades. Coaching changes. New GMs. The draft. Its everywhere.

Now, I'm not the GM of any team (I wish). But that doesn't mean I can't pretend for a while. I'm not overflowing in insight about who what teams are looking at. I just know as much as you do about team needs and prospects... and if I don't know stuff, I know how to head over to DraftExpress or NBAdraft and look at stuff.  That said, I'm bored and decided to go through the draft... making the mock draft as it would go if I was the GM for every team. Because I can.

1- Washington Wizards

This is really a no-brainer. The entire year, the worst teams were in a battle to land John Wall. So it'd be really stupid if now, the Wizards went and took someone else. They do have other needs that top prospects could fill, but John Wall is the #1 guy. And with questions about Gilbert Arenas' future with the team (and whether or not he's actually better off as a 2-guard), there's no doubt that Wall is the way to go. PG John Wall, Kentucky

2- Minnesota Timberwolves (from Philadelphia 76ers)

First things first, the Sixers. I'm trading Samuel Dalembert. Charlotte might be interested if Tyson Chandler opts out. If Chris Bosh leaves, maybe they can interest Toronto. It would allow the Raptors to move Andrea Bargnani to the 4. The Sixers could ask for Jose Calderon or maybe Hedo Turkoglu or whatever. Then there's the Elton Brand conundrum. They're trying to ship him with the #2 pick. Maybe they'll find a taker... the reincarnation of Zach Randolph worked in Memphis, maybe it'll work for Elton Brand somewhere too. Detroit for Rip Hamilton? Miami? New Jersey? Whichever team misses out on the Boozer/Stoudemire/Bosh carnival? If all else fails, I'd call up Minnesota and offer Brand + #2 for Al Jefferson + #4. And if Brand can be traded elsewhere, then I still trade this pick to Minny for #4 + something. It's not a total win for the T-Wolves (they still have the mess of too many PFs), but they'll get over that. Why? Simple. SG Evan Turner, Ohio State

3- New Jersey Nets

They get a bit lucky that Turner is gone, because they don't need him. They have a plethora of gifts (er... sorry, I meant wings), and Turner is similar to Terrence Williams, who finished last year really strong. So now they can actually fill a need. The best player here is either Favors or Cousins... it seems to be a toss up. I'm leaning one way. But that way doesn't bode well for the Nets, because they have their center of the future in Brook Lopez. So they go with the PF that they hope will develop well alongside him. PF Derrick Favors, Georgia Tech

4- Philadelphia 76ers (from Minnesota Timberwolves)

Trading down, instead of just keeping #2 and making a slight reach, will cost them Derrick Favors, who would fit in well alongside Thaddeus Young, Andre Iguodala and Al Jefferson (see above). But that's alright, because they can still draft a big... and get the 3rd best player in the draft. Having given up Dalembert for a SF in Turkoglu (see above) and having added Al Jefferson, this draft pick can be used to help them finish the overhaul of their front court. C DeMarcus Cousins, Kentucky

5- Sacramento Kings

This decision is made really easy based on team needs and the trade that happened in this mock. The Kings really have 2 needs. A guard to play alongside Tyreke Evans, and a center (Spencer Hawes experiment... I declare you officially OVER). With Cousins going #4, that leaves only 1 real option for the Kings. And they pounce on it. C Greg Monroe, Georgetown

6- Golden State Warriors

The Warriors need bigs. Desperately. Maybe they'll even make a run at Elton Brand or Al Jefferson. Alas, it doesn't work out. And then the draft rolls around. They're all set to take the best available big. And then... the #5 guy in the draft falls to them. The team loves to run and shoot. They can fill the need for a big by trading Monta Ellis, right? Heck, offer him to Philadelphia now for Al Jefferson. But for now, you go and add another shooter to play alongside Stephen Curry. SF Wesley Johnson, Syracuse

7- Detroit Pistons

Given the presence of Ben Gordon, if I'm the Pistons, I have to seriously look at Rip Hamilton for Elton Brand + someone. There's also talk of offering Tayshaun Prince to the Kings for #5... which would allow the Pistons to nab Monroe. If that doesn't happen though, they're at #7. The 2 bigs are gone. So now you reach for a PF or a C right? Maybe. The alternative is to grab someone who might qualify as a 'tweener', but who could potentially play the PF spot. And that is what I do. PF Al-Farouq Aminu, Wake Forest

8- Denver Nuggets (from Los Angeles Clippers)

For the Clippers: Hopefully Blake Griffin can actually play this year. If not, I'm folding. ... But assuming he can, there is still a draft pick to use. Maybe. I'd try to trade it for a PG. Ty Lawson for #8? Darren Collison maybe? George Hill? Tony Parker? Someone has to bite, right? I'm assuming Ty Lawson is who the Clippers get. That puts the Nuggets on the clock. While they've missed out on Monroe & Cousins, they'll get their choice of the best big man after that duo. Its down to a 2-man race, depending on who they prefer. Or, in this mock, who I prefer. C Cole Aldrich, Kansas

9- Utah Jazz

I think I've made my feelings on this pick fairly clear on this blog in recent days. I know the Jazz need bigs. But I attack that through free agency (Kurt Thomas anyone?). In the draft, I'm looking for a guy that will have a huge role for years to come. With the inconsistencies of CJ Miles (I'm really hoping we're past this now), the questionable future of Wes Matthews (all signs point to him being back, which is good) and no one behind them, I turn to the guy that could solidify the wing spot by giving the Jazz a solid trio... and help replace Kyle Korver as well. (For those that are curious, my back-up pick here would be Patterson.) SG Xavier Henry, Kansas

10- Indiana Pacers

First, I go make a trade. I offer #10 to the Hornets for Darren Collison, and when they hesitate, I turn elsewhere, shipping off TJ Ford for Raymond Felton. If the Bobcats are willing, I say yes first and laugh at them later. And then with the draft pick that I still have, I turn and take a guy that probably shouldn't have fallen this far. He's considered a "safe" guy, but should fit in well alongside Roy Hibbert. PF Patrick Patterson, Kentucky

11- New Orleans Hornets

Start off by cursing myself for not biting on the Pacers trade offer. I could've filled both my big needs (C, SF) in back-to-back picks. Really, being cash strapped, the draft is the best option. Instead now, I can only fill 1 need. The other one... well either I have to find a really cheap free agent, or it will go unfilled. With the decline of Stojakovic, the team could really use another option from downtown. Throw in that the best available centers are both projects, and that seems like a bad way to go. With CP3, Thornton & David West, adding another piece that can help now is key for the Hornets. SF Luke Babbitt, Nevada

12- Memphis Grizzlies

Well, I have 3 picks in the 1st round. I'm trying to trade some of them, because I don't need 3 more youngsters. I have too many as is. And if I don't use one of the picks, I can try to resign Rudy Gay. But this pick I'm keeping. Assuming Zach Randolph will still be playing for my team next year, that leaves my biggest needs at PG and SF. PG isn't really much of an option at this point in the draft. And with Rudy Gay on his way to New Jersey to join the mess of wings there, I need to replace him. SF Paul George, Fresno State

13- Toronto Raptors

Bosh is gone. I've traded for Dalembert, which fills the needs at PF and C. The trade of Hedo leaves a huge whole at SF, one that's been present for a while... and one that Hedo didn't fill at all. And with that, the run on SFs will end. SF Gordon Hayward, Butler

14- Houston Rockets

I go all out to resign Kyle Lowry. And then I go and trade a future 1st rounder for Spencer Hawes or someone like that. That leaves the draft, where I can try to find a high upside guy that could be a good fit on the defensive end, given that my SG (Kevin Martin) plays defense like a dead dog. And staying in-state can't be too bad. PF Ekpe Udoh, Baylor

15- Milwaukee Bucks

With the futures of Michael Redd & John Salmons up in the air (their future with the Bucks, at least), the Bucks really need a guy that can come in and pick up the scoring slack. Sure they have Brandon Jennings, but he can't do it alone. And Andrew Bogut's arm still gives me nightmares. SG James Anderson, Oklahoma State

16- Minnesota Timberwolves

Having traded Al Jefferson, I'm now in need of a big to play alongside Kevin Love. There's a couple of options. Being the Timberwolves and being able potentially handle picking a "raw" guy, that's exactly what I do. Plus, a defensive presence inside is never bad. C Hassan Whiteside, Memphis

17- Chicago Bulls

Ideally, one of the offensive-minded wings would fall here. But they don't. I chase hard after LeBron James, but that falls short too. So then I just go with BPA, who also happens to be very raw... and has fallen further than he probably should have. PF Ed Davis, North Carolina

18- Miami Heat

The need for a big is already filled. Chris Bosh, Amar'e, Carlos Boozer... one of them has been drawn in to play alongside Dwyane Wade. That leaves holes at PG and SF. PG is intriguing, but I'm willing to give Mario Chalmers 1 more year (playing alongside some free agent that I find). So I go with a wing. SF Damion James, Texas

19- Boston Celtics

There's questions all around here. Coming off of an unfortunate Finals loss that was largely influenced by the loss of Kendrick Perkins, I'm looking for a big here. Plus, Rasheed Wallace was done years ago. No idea what I was thinking by adding him to the roster this off-season. If there was a shooter here, I'd consider replacing Ray Allen, but we'll worry about that later. For now, we need a big. Or 3. PF Larry Sanders, VCU

20- San Antonio Spurs

My attempts to trade George Hill to get higher into the 1st didn't work out so well. So I'll keep them both. Throw in Manu & Duncan, and my team is still a contender. But I need another wing to overcome the horror that is Richard Jefferson, and a center because Tim Duncan is a PF. The run on wings went early, and James just went to Miami. So I go big. C Solomon Alabi, Florida State

21- Oklahoma City Thunder

Picking up Chris Bosh has hopes high in the city of... uh... Oklahoma City. Sadly, the "bigs" the team has drafted, going back to the days in Seattle, have yet to work out. Robert Swift? Johan Petro? Saer Sene? BJ Mullens? Ugh, what were we thinking? This time though, we've found the project center that will actually pan out. We hope. C Daniel Orton, Kentucky

22- Portland Trail Blazers

The Blazers had a clash of egos last year, when both Brandon Roy & Andre Miller needed the ball in their hands. That can be ended here. They could also potentially go with a big... one that can rebound the ball. And stay healthy. But no point worry about that, because they're going to come out winners here. Somehow, a solid on-ball defender who can defend opposing PGs but is fine offensively playing off-ball (allowing Roy to do his thing) has slipped all the way to 22. SG Avery Bradley, Texas

23- Minnesota Timberwolves

Having already added a SG (Turner) and C (Whiteside), while also trading 1 big (Jefferson) for another (Brand), the only positions I haven't touched are PG and SF. A solid PG option (Bledsoe) has fallen to me, but I remember the uproar after the PG drafting last year. So instead, I look for another wing, one to battle Corey Brewer for playing time. And look at that... I find one. Hopefully the fans don't boo too much that I didn't trade this pick... because I tried. No one wanted it though. SF Quincy Pondexter, Washington

24- Atlanta Hawks

I have no idea whether Joe Johnson will be back or not. Obviously we don't want to just lose him, but maybe it's for best if our offer to him just ends up being a bit too low. That'll leave me looking for a SG in the draft. There are plenty of options, with most of the draft so far having been big-man heavy. SG Willie Warren, Oklahoma

25- Memphis Grizzlies

Well, this worked out well. Taking a SF early seemed risky because it'd leave me scrambling later on. But it paid off, as the wings went in succession there, and there's still other guys left that I'm targeting. Like, for example, the replacement for Mike Conley, who I'm quickly shoving to the bench. Unless I can find a team desperate for a PG, then I'm moving him a lot farther than just to the bench. Orlando? Sacramento? Boston? Anyone? PG Eric Bledsoe, Kentucky

26- Oklahoma City Thunder

Honestly, this pick is up for sale. And if no one wants it, I'm drafting international. I don't need any more youngsters right now. And stashing guys overseas isn't bad. C Kevin Seraphin, International

27- New Jersey Nets

I've got Favors. I've got Gay agreeing to come over. Which means I need... another wing? Or maybe a back-up PG? How about someone that can play both positions, just in case Courtney Lee or CDR don't work out as we'd like? That seems best. SG Greivis Vasquez, Maryland

28- Memphis Grizzlies

I've added a PG and a SF. I've got too many youngsters. And you're giving me another pick? Fine, whatever. I'll take it. With questions around Z-Bo, I might as well find someone that can help up fill his spot in the line-up. PF Gani Lawal, Georgia Tech

29- Orlando Magic

Adding someone like Carlos Boozer (via sign-and-trade) would be a coup, but then I'd have an even bigger mess with 2 "bigs" (Booze & Lewis) who don't play defense. So instead, I just come to the draft looking for back-ups. A PG would be nice, and is under consideration, but I'm also trying to replace JJ Redick, who's going to get more money than he's worth. So I go and find this wing. SF Darington Hobson, New Mexico

30- Washington Wizards

Well, I've added my star. Doesn't that mean I'm guaranteed to win it all this year? No? Okay, so what more do I need? I have a mish-mash of wings that might work out... or might not. Nick Young & Al Thornton give me a small inkling of hope at being passable. Adding another big seems best. 6'7 counts as big, right? PF Trevor Booker, Clemson


Just missed: SG Dominique Jones, PG Armon Johnson, PF Craig Brackins, PF Jarvis Varnado, SG Elliot Williams, SG Willie Warren

Jazz 2nd round pick (#55): C Artsiom Parakhouski, Radford

All comments are the opinion of the commenter and not necessarily that of SLC Dunk or SB Nation.

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