Free Agency Guessing Game!

I thought it might be fun to make a post and have people predict where all the big name free agents were going to land this offseason. With Free Agency open to negotiations starting at 12 p.m. ET tonight, I figured we should get it going now.

Here is the list of major Free Agents:

Lebron James- SF, 6'8, 25

Dwayne Wade- SG, 6'4, 28

Dirk Nowitzki- PF/C, 7'0, 32

Chris Bosh- PF, 6'10, 26

Joe Johnson- SG, 6'8, 29

Amar'e Stodemire- PF, 6'10, 27

Carlos Boozer- PF, 6'9, 29

David Lee- PF, 6'9, 27

Paul Pierce- SF, 6'6, 32

and for Good Measure:

Ray Allen- SG, 6'5, 34

Kyle Korver- SF, 6'7, 29

To get the ball rolling here are my predictions:

Lebron- Stays in Cleveland. Deep down he knows abandoning his home state would haunt him.

Dwayne Wade- Stays in Maimi. It's his Castle. Why would he leave it?

Dirk Nowitzki- Stays in Dallas. There is no way he turns his back on Cuban after all he's done for Dirk. The city of Dallas has embraced him since day one. He won't leave.

Chris Bosh- Goes to Miami. Says he wants to be the "guy" but he won't turn his back on being paired up with Wade

Joe Johnson- Split decision. He goes to New York or the Nets. He'll get signed quick in order to try and entice LBJ to join them. Won't work though. I think he lands in New York.

Amare Stodemire- Talks have been going well with the Suns, I think he's gone. He doesn't have a chance to be paired up with LBJ or Wade now so he takes a Max Contract offer in New York. The glam is too much to pass up and he could be the "guy" for the Knicks.

Carlos Boozer- Word has it the Jazz want him or want a S&T. I doubt we get either, which works out in our favor...kinda. Boozer doesn't get to go to Miami to play with Wade. Amare is in the New York.....So Boozer takes what he can get and goes to Chicago. He has another good point guard in Rose and maybe Noah can make up some of his defensive liabilities.

David Lee- The Nets have missed out on the big name guys. They overpay a little for his services.

Paul Pierce- Stays in Boston. He just wants a longer contract. He'll finish his career where it started.

Ray Allen- Boston had been shippin him all last year. I don't think he ends back there. He lands in New Jersey to add a shooter for Devin Harris, Brook Lopez, and the new acquired David Lee.

Kyle Korver- Hate to see him go but I think he's gone. If the Nets or Knicks miss out on a shooter he goes to one of those places. He'll get a nice contract. In this scenerio though.... i think he lands in Miami. They need more roster guys and a shooter like Korver is too good to pass up.

Okay there is my wild predicitions. Leave yours in comments!

All comments are the opinion of the commenter and not necessarily that of SLC Dunk or SB Nation.

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