15 Days: Rumors, Thoughts, Ideas & More

Well, the draft is a mere 15 days away. (Party!!!) My brain is still struggling to function, so instead of trying to be all clever, I'll just link to stuff (I know BBJ did some of that in his Downbeat today) and add my own thoughts if I can form them. Please chime in... and if you find anything relevant, post it.

I don't know how good of a source Hoopsworld is, but if BBJ linked to it then what the heck. Of interest...

Several teams have said its unlikely they can get him in for a private workout, as it seems Monroe could be one of the top two names on Utah's draft board and that's enough of a commitment for his agent David Falk to turn away lesser workout requests.

Monroe could potentially go as high as #5 (they say #6, but the Kings aren't going to find what they need there anyways, and Monroe could be the highest guy on their board at that point). Monroe, at this time, seems to be the best fit for the Jazz (at least in my opinion). Of course, he's also not likely to be around at #9. Going off of what BBJ mentioned in the Downbeat... Millsap + Aldrich or Boozer + Monroe (just a question... no reason to think thats how it'd end up)?

The Utah Jazz are said to be high on Xavier too and could grab him as a replacement for Kyle Korver if other options come off before they pick.

Like with Monroe, the Warriors reportedly like him at #6. Except he doesn't really mesh with Monta Ellis, so unless something is happening there... This would be an interesting pick... I don't think Henry would see much action as a rookie. At least not with the Jazz.

The odds Babbitt goes in the top 15 have moved from 60/40 to more than 90%. The Utah Jazz are said to have him as the #1 player on their draft board and if he is there at #9 the Jazz may have found their draft pick.

I highly, highly doubt Babbitt goes before #9. In fact, if the Jazz don't take him at #9, he probably doesn't go before #12 or so. But does he really fill the need? If we go Babbitt, it probably signals the end of Korver, right?  Or AK? Do you really want the #9 pick to be no more than the 7th or 8th man (Deron, Sap, Okur, AK, Matthews, CJ, Boozer)?

Gani does so many thing well, he just does almost nothing great according to teams that have seen him. Gani will compete in the New Jersey group workout this week and needs a strong showing to keep his name in the first-round discussion. It is starting to look like Gani is slipping into second-round territory

Lawal is working out with the Jazz today. He's not an option at #9. And he won't fall to the Jazz 2nd round pick, unless his stock completely implodes.

From Siler...

The Jazz will continue predraft workouts Wednesday, but the prospects they will be hosting are a little curious. Kentucky forward Patrick Patterson is the headliner along with two other players projected to be taken in the middle to late first round.

Along with Patterson, Virginia Commonwealth forward Larry Sanders, Georgia Tech forward Gani Lawal, England forward Ryan Richards, California guard Jerome Randle and Utah State guard Jared Quayle will take part.

Patterson is a potential choice at #8. Other than that though... Sanders & Lawal are late 1st rounders. The other 3 guys are probably 2nd rounders/UDFAs. Why would the Jazz be working them out? I will admit, I like Randle (based on very limited viewing). Take it for what its worth... previous years I've liked guys like Corey Brewer, Ryan Anderson

Trading down is definitely an option... though not very enticing as a fan. The Jazz finally have a top-10 pick, and they're going to trade down? That said, maybe trading down involves picking up a player they want? Or extra picks?The Thunder reportedly want to move up; they have 3 picks in the late 1st/early 2nd round range (21, 26, 32). Could something work out there?

Or, and I'm not a fan of this, but... if the Jazz believe they can bring Boozer back (and believe Boozer & Millsap can't co-exist if they're both locked in for the long term)... do they potentially look at dealing Millsap to the Thunder for picks? (Ducks to avoid thrown objects.) I know... trading him in conference to an up-and-coming rival. It seems stupid. But then, so did trading our back-up PG to the Thunder. (Not that I'm equating Millsap & Maynor.) The Thunder need a big, and if they can't get Bosh, Millsap seems like a reasonable alternative. The Jazz meanwhile can keep Boozer and have options. They'll have more picks, so they can trade up after Monroe. Or they can take BPA at 9, and add a big later.

I don't see it being a "just in case" thing... I highly doubt Greg Monroe, Luke Babbitt & Xavier Henry (and Gordon Hayward) are all gone by #9.

(Think about it... Wall. Turner. Favors. Cousins. Johnson. That's 5. Aminu/Patterson/Davis, I'd assume at least 1 of them gone by #9. That's 6. And you're set. Someone will fall.)

From Chad Ford (via Pacers Digest)

The Jazz don't have any other high-profile workouts scheduled. Glean from that what you will, but I think it's safe to say that those are the five prospects the Jazz are considering at No. 9. Monroe fits a big need if Carlos Boozer leaves this summer. Henry, Babbitt, Hayward and Aminu all fit a void left by Kyle Korver hitting free agency.

From the sound of things, Monroe is still atop the Jazz's list. But it seems like Babbitt is strongly in the running too. The Jazz have been higher on Babbitt than most all year. The rest of the league is playing catch-up to what Utah was saying in January.

I really don't think Monroe will fall... the Jazz would have to trade up. How much do they like Monroe though? I mean, if they traded up to #4, would they go with Monroe or Cousins? And is filling the hole left by Korver leaving more important than filling the hole that we've had in the middle since Greg Ostertag left?


My Jazz Big Board

Its all a mess.  DeMarcus Cousins doesn't make the list due to character concerns... meaning technically I only need a top-8, because Cousins will go before the Jazz pick...

  1. John Wall, PG - I know we don't need a PG, but if he falls to #9, you jump.
  2. Evan Turner, SG - I like CJ. I like Wes Matthews. But you don't pass on Turner if he's there.
  3. Derrick Favors, PF - Young/raw, but good. And with 1 of Boozer/Millsap leaving, he fills a need.
  4. Wesley Johnson, SF - Well, if we're looking to fill the Korver role...
  5. Greg Monroe, C - The Jazz need a big. He's big. He also seems to fit the team perfectly. Meaning he'll be gone, like Hibbert before him.
  6. Xavier Henry, SG - I think I might be higher on him than many others here. Even if I'm afraid he won't see enough time as a rookie on the Jazz.
  7. James Anderson, SG - He'd be a huge reach at #9. But I'm a fan of his game, so I'd consider him. (There's probably a reason I'm not the GM... and this could be it.) He's a solid defender, and he's got a jumpshot. [Yes, I'm probably way too high on him. Whatever.]
  8. Luke Babbitt, SF - If is to be believed, he's not much defensively and he has a jump shot. Other than that though, he sounds exactly like Matt Harpring.
  9. Gordon Hayward, SF - I'm not really a fan, but at least he's got a jumpshot. If you're replacing Korver, isn't that a need?

Other notable absences (in no particular order)

    • Cole Aldrich, C: I don't buy the Greg Ostertag worries. I also don't like him on the Jazz.
    • Al-Farouq Aminu, SF: A wing without a jumper. Good athlete, but we can't replace Korver with Ronnie Brewer.
    • Paul George, SF: He's shooting up the draft boards. Good for him.
    • Patrick Patterson, PF: My list is only 9 players long, not 10.
    • Ekpe Udoh, PF: He's falling. I like him a bit, but not at #9. If the Jazz trade out of the lottery, maybe.

All comments are the opinion of the commenter and not necessarily that of SLC Dunk or SB Nation.

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