Things Carlos Boozer Will Be Taking With Him...

First, let me say that I think Boozer walking will prove to be a great thing for the Jazz in coming years. But, as I've spent my fair share of time pointing out what I perceive to be his weaknesses--professionalism (see Summer '09), defense, loyalties, frailness--I think it is only fair that I give the man credit for the many things I will miss.


Things Carlos Boozer will be taking with him...

1. The loudest "and one" yell in the league. It always gave me a certain satisfaction to be able to hear his "AND ONE!" through the announcers microphone which sat some 30 feet away. I also love that he yells this for his teammates as well as himself.

2. The detachable jaw. The man can seriously open his mouth when he celebrates.


3. The polarization. Come on. It's been fun to have the "team Millsap"/"team Boozer" conversations. But don't worry, I'm sure Locke will still wear his Boozer jersey to bed every night.

4. The cheerleading. I can't speak to the past, but this season Carlos has been the first person standing off the bench when Millsap or any other teammate succeeds.

5. The monster rebounds, even when nobody is around.

6. The "I just missed a free throw" frustration yell that I can hear 2000 miles away.

7. The image of him running on the court after Sundiata hit his shot.

8. The elbow jumper that starts at his back and when released looks like it will never come down.


9. The footwork that takes him from the just inside the free throw line to the basket in 2 steps and past 2 defenders.

10. The ambidextrousness. Ambidexterosity. Ambidextricity. Whatever you want to call it...the man could go both ways.

11. The block(s). Its like getting a goal in soccer. The anticipation...wondering if it will ever happen...when Booz gets a block its exciting. I definitely rubber-neck everytime.

12. The wide eyes and look of wonderment  when he gets beat and commits a silly foul. Queue that picture of him with interlocked fingers I couldn't find.

13. The pleading with my wife to not rhyme "Boozer" and "Looooooozer" during games to avoid bad energy.

And finally...

14. The Houston series.


If you think I missed anything feel free to add below.


Adios Carlos!

All comments are the opinion of the commenter and not necessarily that of SLC Dunk or SB Nation.

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