Alarm! Loud Noises! All your Fesenko could belong to the Houston Rockets!

Jonathan Feigen (don't get your hackles up guys, we're mad at Dan Fegan, remember) of the Houston Chronicle reported today that . . .

The Rockets are also in talks with Utah Jazz restricted free agent center Kyrylo Fesenko, though the Jazz are expected to match the sort of salary-cap exception offer the Rockets could make.

Rockets general manager Daryl Morey would not confirm that the team has made any offers.

"We’re happy with our group, but we’re constantly looking at good players if they become available," Morey said. "There are some bigs that might be available. Mr. (Leslie) Alexander has approved spending money, but anything happening would be a long shot (because Amar would drive down to Houston and show me all these charts and excel files showing me how I should let the Jazz just sign Fesenko to a big long contract)." [emphasis, and words, added]

Copyright of the Houston Chronicle.

Now, I don't think they'd use the full exception on Fes, but they just recently had a major doctrine change where Yao Ming has a hard cap on minutes at 24 per game. (That's only half) They currently have Brad Miller on board and also made an offer to Erick Dampier. If Damp goes someone else, I can see them making at run at Fes.

I know that Morey *and* Alexander are both computer guys. They like using them to grade players more than other front offices. (ESPN the Mag did a big deal about them a while back) I did the numbers. (And am not going to bombard you all with more charts to save your eyes (and mine) for the regular season)

Kyrylo was okay last season. He only played 8 mpg, but did not do poorly. He had a fair showing in the playoffs. To suggest otherwise is just to be irrational. He has, on the other hand, done pretty well against the Rockets in his career. He averages 5 ppg and 4 rpg, 1 bpg, and over 2 FTA per game against them for his career [23.980 GO Rating] in 13 mins of work, against Morey's team.

If you count the data of only games where he's played 11+ mpg it balloons up to 12 ppg and 11 rpg, with 3 blocks to boot. Okay, it's only one game, but it was a good game. If he is a Rocket next year, it will be the ultimate proof of signing guys who have a good game against your team.

Rockets can offer him playing time, in theory, if Dampier is not on their team for next season. With the Jazz, though, he's set to battle with 'Cisco Elson for what may very well amount to only about 6 mpg, thanks to trades made for Al Jefferson this summer.

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