The Downbeat - 16 September 2010 - #317 - The NCAA Finals Revisited Edition

Brian T. Smith (I think I'm going to use the full name every time) has a two-part interview (part 1, part 2) with O'Connor.  KOC gives the typical KOC answers to the questions.  One of them though was talking about whether the Jazz have the team to beat the Lakers.  As O'Connor pointed out, nobody has had the team to beat them yet.  We'll never know what might have happened had other teams advanced and played them, but they likely would have met the same fate as the rest of the conference.  He said this though about how they're going to try to beat them,

How do we overcome the Lakers? We keep trying to get better. And we keep trying to get better from within. And that's one of the things that I don't think people understand. I expect Paul Millsap to be a better player this year. He's 26. I expect Deron to be better. I expect C.J. [Miles] to be better. I expect Fesenko to be better. I hope Andrei can play the way he played before he got hurt. And if he does that and we add those other pieces, then we can be pretty good. All indications are the guy's had a good summer, so we'll wait and see.  

Are the Jazz that team right now?  Probably not.  Even if everyone is better this year we're still a bit off.  I think we could be that team come the end of the season once roles are defined and they've had a full season to come together.

The Jazz have not done much over the last few years at the trade deadline to get a player to put them over the top, settling for a let's see how we do when everyone's healthy approach.  This could be the season though that if the team is playing well through Jan/Feb, maybe they make a move.  That said, is there a move that could be made to put them to the next level?  And not just a contender status, but a favorite?  

 We all know that CJ is a big sneaker head as evidenced by this video from DIME,

What we didn't know is that he still rocks the Dreamcast,


I love basketball shoes though I'm nowhere near a sneaker head.  But for those that are that live in Utah, are there any stores like the one CJ goes to here?  He said there isn't anything outside of Foot Locker, etc.

Maybe CJ could start one up with all the ones he has.

  Mike Wallace of the Miami Herald tweeted this last night,

Free agent big Dampier weighing options among playoff/title teams in wait to clear waivers. Utah could emerge as potential suitor.

This happened right about the same time that the Elson signing was announced.  Elson though had been reported to sign with the Jazz for a while now.  So I don't know how this plays into things even though it reads as a thought by him and not from any source.

He also got a two-year offer from the Rockets who are reportedly trying to bring in Fes.

I think  Dampier ends up somewhere else though and Fess comes back to the Jazz.

  One more news tweet from ShamSports,

Jon Scheyer will go to training camp with the Utah Jazz.

Clark rejoices!  Hayward does not!


Kevin C. Cox, Getty Images

Looks like Gaines will have some solid competition for that PG spot.  Unlike Sunny D, Scheyer can hit his free throws.

  Thursday poll,

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