The Downbeat - 17 September 2010 - #318 - The No More Dukies Edition

  Brian T. Smith answered some questions for Oregon  One of the questions that came up was about AK,

3. What will the Jazz do with Andrei Kirilenko and his $17.8 million expiring contract?
A healthy, motivated AK is a major asset for the Jazz. But his monetary value is an even larger positive. Utah has been saddled with Kirilenko's massive contract ever since he signed it. But this could be the unpredictable forward's last season with the team. How the Jazz decide to use his contract will go a long way in determining the team's competitive future during the next few seasons.    

Most of us are big AK fans, especially when we see how he can change games.  The $18M is no doubt a large hit on the cap this season and way above his value, but you have two scenarios in which to trade him and I don't think either one work.  

One, you trade him just to get under the cap and get salary relief.  For that to happen, you would have to have someone with the cap room to just take him.  Right now most teams are close to the cap and I don't think even if you dumped him outright that anyone could take on his salary.  

The other way to trade him would be to take back equal salary.  Why would the Jazz take back a longer deal when they will have AK's contract come off the books this season and then can re-sign him for a lot less?

I could only think that the Jazz would trade AK if the team is so far out of things that they're looking to dump salary.  I don't think that's going to happen and I don't think any of the above options are going to happen.

He has more value to the team staying than he does dumping his contract.

  Amar talked about ESPN's new Pick Your Greatest Team feature where you pick the all-time starting five for your favorite team.  They've also put out a list of the worst players ever (insider) based on PER.  They had to have played at least 10 minutes a game and play in at least 100 games for the team.  For the Jazz,

Player PER
John Amaechi 4.4
John Duren 5.7
Quincy Lewis 6.8
John Starks 8.3

That's a team right there.  Some other notables...  Greg Foster just missed the cut.  Adam Keefe was decent for us but man, he really dropped off quickly.  And Tree, well, he was Tree.  Brochardt was on the cusp but didn't have enough games.  Mark Jackson wasn't on the list, but he just sucked.

  Looks like Scheyer won't be joining the Jazz in camp.  From Brian T. Smith,

Mark Bartelstein, agent for former Duke standout Jon Scheyer, said the guard will not attend the #UtahJazz's training camp.

I'm guessing he got an offer from another team where he has a better shot at sticking.

Various sources have reported that Earl Watson could be camping with the Jazz though.  He could be a solid vet.

  Wish us luck tomorrow as the Boom Beaches take the court in tomorrow's Dodge Barrage at the Salt Palace.  If anyone wants to come watch, it's $10 at the door.  The first games start at 9 and we play at 9:30.

The entrance is on 3rd west, directly across from the marquee at the ESA.

  Friday poll (check for the answer after you vote)

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