To Incept a good trade

  As a kid I loved to trade sports cards. I remember once, I was offered a rookie (or maybe high school) Kevin Garnett for, I think a Bryon Russell. I was young at the time, didn't know yet who KG was, and turned it down.

I turned down a rooke Kevin Garnett.

Sometimes a great trade is presented to us and we just have to have the smarts to take it. They are a lot of rumored players out there who are "available" A lot., very many. I'm going to look at a few of these available players, as well as a few other intriguing options. 

First a baseline: 

A trade must be practical. As much as we'd all love to trade for Dwight Howard, it ain't happening unless we hire Leo and Joseph Gordon-Leavitt to incept the idea into the Magic's head. 

A realistic view of assets: very, very little. AK's expiring. Maybe Okur. Millsap. Our picks aren't going to amaze anyone. Tomic. Other than the Wolves, he probably wouldn't fetch much (I'm sure Kahn has hired Leo to incept the idea of trading Tomic for Love into KOC's mind though)

  Also, let's be clear on what the Jazz's needs are. As Clark said in his recent post, a wing who can create their own scoring would be great. Also, a strong interior defensive presence/rebounding fiend. 

Okay. Let's look who's out there.

Andre Iguodala

Strengths: He played well as Duran't second hand man in Turkey over the summer. Good defender. Fills a stat sheet nicely, including rebounds and assists.  Decent scorer. 

Weaknesses: Not a prolific scorer. We couldn't depend on him to drop the kind of points night in and night out to really relieve the pressure on Williams. Also, don't look up his FG%. Depressing. 

Chances 76ers would listen: 45%. They''ll get better offers. 

Great, okay or terrible fit?  Okay. 

Gerald Wallace

Strengths: Decent scorer. Great defender. Great rebounder for his position. 

Weaknesses: .422. .338. Those are his respective FG% and 3 point shooting percentage. To borrow a phrase from Yucca Man..."ghastly" 

Chance Bobcats would listen: See Iggy and the 76ers

Great, Okay or terrible? Okay. 

Danny Granger

Strengths: Good scorer. This is the wing that could potentially relieve some scoring pressure of Williams. Okay rebounder for position. Decent 3 point shooter

Weaknesses: FG% 

Chances Pacers would listen? They'd have to give up on life to listen to an offer from the Jazz. Another team could/would easily out bid us. 

Great, okay or terrible? SOmewhere between okay and great

Boris Diaw

Strengths: Eating contests. Locating the best spots to eat in unfamiliar towns when on seriously, he's  a good passer for  a power forward. 

Weaknesses: Why do we want another power forward? And the last thing we need is a chronically out of shape player when we already have energy issues.

Chances Bobcats would listen? Possible, but Charlotte restaurant owners would boycott them.

Great, okay or terrible? Terrible. Pointless move. 

Kevin Martin

Technically not "available" per se....but let's take a look

Strengths: SHooting and scoring. This is Clark's dream player for the Jazz. 

Weaknesses: Suspect defense. Seems one dimensional. He's 6'7" but only get 3 boards a game? 

Chances Rocket's would listen: Gonna need Leo  and Juno on this one.

Great, okay or terrible? Great if we don't lose Al  or Sap to do it. With apologies to the AK homers out there, I'd prefer Martin.

Let's take a look at some interior defensive guys that probably aren't untouchable

Marcus Camby

Strengths: Great rebounder, blocker and defender. Decent scorer. I would be a homeless bum on State Street for a month if we could get Camby (or really any good center)

Weaknesses: Wouldn't solve any scoring issues. Getting up there in age. Relatively pricey. 

Chances Portland would listen? Camby doesn't want to be traded. But to most teams, Portland may listen. To us? They'd trade him to us, then give him sponge cake with a tape worm as  going away present. Just to spite us. But, no, highly unlikely.

Great, Okay, Terrible? Between great and okay, depending on who have to give up. 

Marc Gasol

Strengths: Great defender. High FG%. Good rebounder, shot blocker....this is my ultimate trade hope.

Weaknesses: Expiring contract. Would he re-sign? He is restricted, but how much money would Portland give him? From a basketball standpoint, getting him would be a slam dunk.

Chances Grizz would listen? Probably low. They already traded away one Gasol, and I suspect Marc is more a part of their future than ZBo. 

Great, okay, Terrible? Great. 

Samuel Dalembert

Strengths: Rebounding. He'd be a top rebounder in the league if he was playing starter's minutes. Same with blocks.

Weaknesses: He's no Hakeen scoring wise. Probably not enough of a presence to make a difference against LAL.

Chances Sacramento would listen? Possible, very possible. But they like his expiring k. 

Great, okay or terrible? We don't need another center. I'm going with somewhat okay.


When all is said and done, it's highly unlikely that no trades will happen. It's not really in the Jazz's DNA to do so. We dont have great assets.

We're in a frustrating slump, but let's not go out expecting to find gold when the creek is really lined with pyrite. 

All comments are the opinion of the commenter and not necessarily that of SLC Dunk or SB Nation.

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