Worst Contract On Every NBA Team


Was reading over on Fox Sports and they list the worst contract for every NBA team. The point was if the management could take on contract from their team and tear it up they would. Here is the list, and the numbers next to it is what is left on the contract. I put Utah as the last one and the reason for their contract.

Atlanta: Joe Johnson (five years, $107.3M)

Boston: Jermaine O'Neal (one year, $6.2M)

Charlotte: Tyrus Thomas (four years, $33.4M)

Chicago: Carlos Boozer (four years, $60.6M) Hahahahaha

Cleveland: Baron Davis (two years, $28.8M)

Dallas: Brendan Haywood (four years, $34.9M)

Denver: Al Harrington (four years, $27.5M)

Detroit: Richard Hamilton (two years, $25.3M)

Golden State: Andris Biedrins (three years, $27M)

Houston: Hasheem Thabeet (one year, $5.1M)

Indiana: James Posey (one year, $6.9M)

LA Clippers: Chris Kaman (one year, $12.2M)

LA Lakers: Luke Walton (two years, $11.8M)

Memphis: Rudy Gay (four years, $68.3M)

Miami: Mike Miller (four years, $24M)

Milwaukee: Drew Gooden (four years, $26.3M)

Minnesota: Nikola Pekovic (two years, $9M)

New Jersey: Travis Outlaw (four years, $28M)

New Orleans: Emeka Okafor (three years, $40.6M)

New York: Renaldo Balkman (two years, $3.4M)

Oklahoma City: Kendrick Perkins (four years, $32.6M)

Orlando: Gilbert Arenas (three years, $62.4M)

Philadelphia: Elton Brand (two years, $35.2M)

Phoenix: Josh Childress (four years, $27M)

Portland: Brandon Roy (three years, $49.1M) 

Sacramento: Francisco Garcia (two years, $11.9M)

San Antonio: Richard Jefferson (three years, $30.5M)

Toronto: Amir Johnson (four years, $25M) 

Washington: Rashard Lewis (two years, $45.9M)

Utah: Mehmet Okur (one year, $10.9M)

-For years, Andrei Kirilenko was the most overpaid player on the Jazz. Now that his contract has expired, Okur gets the honor for at least one year. When he signed a two-year, $21 million contract extension in 2009, Okur was a sweet-shooting big man who averaged 17 points the previous season. Now 32, he can still shoot but has broken down physically, and he's expendable with Al Jefferson, Paul Millsap, Derrick Favors and Enes Kanter on the roster.




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