No More Lockout News - Trade for Granger

I really hate reading about the greedy and stubborn owners/players in this lockout.  Personally I feel that the players need to fold but that is for another post.  I would much rather focus on problems that the Jazz are going to deal with when or if the season ever starts back up.  If a miracle occurs in the next couple of weeks and they get a deal done there is going to be a frenzy of free-agency and trades to start  the season.

Right now the Jazz really do need to deal with their logjam at PF/C.  I think that the Jazz should look at the future and therefore, need to give time for Kanter and Favors to develop.  Here is the problem as I see it.

Millsap has the work ethic and attitude that we all love.  His jump shot and outside game has improved over the years and I think that offensively he could take over the 3 spot.  However, other 3's in the league are much faster than him and this would make him a significant defensive liability.  If the Jazz decide to keep Millsap I think that we would be better off keeping Millsap at the four and only moving him to the three if the match-ups work.  He really has earned his spot as a starter and I do not feel that it would be fair to put him on the second unit.

At the start of last season Jefferson did not quite gel with the rest of the team, but as the season progressed he started to really be the center of the team by becoming a consistent 20/10 guy.  The problem I see is was this because he is used to this role as being the 1st option on the team (i.e. his role in Minnesota) or was he truly starting to mesh with the rest of the team.  To be honest I feel that the jury would still be out on this question due to the confusion and uproar of last years season.  Jefferson increased the number of blocks for the team average; however he was not a very good pick-and-roll defender.  I am a fan of Jefferson and think that he could be a consistent 20/10 guy; however, for his price and lackadaisical defense I think that he would be expendable.  

Okur has to be one of my favorite players that the Jazz currently have and was really disappointed that he could never come back last year with all of his injuries.  We could really have used his outside shooting that would have spread the floor and created space down low.  Okur could be a great asset to the team by being a mentor to Kanter and with his three-point presence.  The question arises if Memo can really come back from his injuries to the same form he was when he left (hopefully we will be able to better determine this with his play in Europe).  See his stats for his last game here.  However, his contract could also be a hot commodity for teams that may want to free cap space for the Howard/Paul lottery 2012 free agency (depending on the conditions of the new CBA). 

Personally I think that the Jazz should try to try to trade either Jefferson or Millsap for a dominant wing like Danny Granger.  Okur will be a great backup and could still be a commodity for a future trade.   I think that the Pacers really need a PF/C and either Jefferson or Millsap could fit the bill.  By adding either Miles or Bell to the equation  with a possible future draft pick (not the 2012 Golden State pick - too valuable) I think it could work.

This would be the lineup as I see it.

PG - Harris, Watson(?), Burks

SG - Hayward, Burks, Miles/Bell

SF - Granger, Kirilenko(?), Evans/Miles(?)

PF - Millsap/Favors, Kanter, Kirilenko(?)

C - Favors/Jefferson, Okur, Kanter


The lineup will depend on the roster; however, either trade would be great.  As you can see I am an advocate of resigning both Watson and Kirilenko (as long as he signs for the right price).   I know that Kirilenko may actually be a roadblock on getting Burks minutes but with his knowledge of the old Jazz system and his defensive and offensive diversity I think resigning him is a no brainier.  Burks could aid in backing up at both guard positions. Whereas, Kirilenko could back up at both forward positions.  Kirilenko and others will have injuries during the season.  Therefore, it will be a huge benefit to have such a deep bench. 

This would be a playoff caliber team that can only get better as we move forward.

All comments are the opinion of the commenter and not necessarily that of SLC Dunk or SB Nation.

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