The lockout makes me mad

This is a list of comments and ideas that  make me mad.  

1. The small market owners stole the show, there wasn't fair representation of the large market teams

First I guarantee that all of the players are not represented either, Dwayne Wade and Lebron James do not represent of all the players.  I just feel that if Jeremy Evans or another "Rank and File" player was the president of the union this whole thing might have been done by now. 

Also half of this league is comprised of what I would call small market teams.  Especially if you consider the actually popularity of the sport in certain markets.

2.  The system is broken, don't the players get this? 

I believe Peter Holt when he says that Spurs have lost money the last couple of years.  This is one of the smartest organizations in the league and so if they are losing money that doesn't bode well for other small market teams.

You know the system is broken when the NHL is a more profitable league than the NBA. Yes the NHL pays a lot lot less to their players the NBA but they are profitable because they are living within their means.  The NBA might be exaggerating their losses a bit, but the point is there are still losses.  

I've heard anywhere from 12-22 teams lost money last year and were predicted  to lose money this year. The system is broken but if it were up to the players things would stay the same which obviously wasn't working. (forbes said 17 teams lost money last year  

The players have to know by now that the league isn't profitable because, they would have had their accountants look over the money and we would have heard by now if this wasn't true.  

3. Twitter was making me mad.  How come everyone sides with the players now that doesn't make sense to me, I am mad at both.

One retweeted tweet i kept seeing last night was, "if the system is so broken why are teams still selling like hot cakes" (it was something to that affect).  Excuse me?  If i am not mistaken New Orleans is still looking for an owner.  Also Sacramento has been looking for new owners off and on.  Yes Goldenstate was just sold, but remember that is a team in the bay area where money overfloweth.  Also a reason so many teams have been sold and are for sell is because the system is broken, owners want out.  Look at the pistons and philly.  If it was a good business people would want to stay in it.  So why do people still want to buy?  Well they could be NBA fans, also they have all been successful running some sort of business so i bet that the owners believe that they can always turn things around, but then 4 years into it they realize that the system is so broke there might be nothing they can do, so they try to sell the team again.  

4. It's not like the 50 percent f the BRI goes straight into the owners pockets, they use it to pay the coaches, the stadium workers, the marketing team, and everyone else that goes into running a company.

5. Its millionaires vs billionaires and its hard to side with either when they show up to these meetings with Louis Vuitton bags, oxford suits and Rolex watches.  Especially when we struggle to make thousands,  news flash this is the worst economy the US has seen since the great depression.

6.  The NBA is going to lose fans and a lot of them.

I am a hardcore fan and who ever reads this is a hardcore fan we will come back.  A majority of people that I know stopped being fans after the retirements of Jordon, Stockton, and Malone.  Why did they stop enjoying the NBA?  Well maybe its because i'm from utah and we have different views, but they all think the sport has lost its class, that today the players are overpaid spoiled brats, comments like the one Latrell Sprewell made a while ago that he didn't have enough money to feed his family even though he made 14 million that year.  My grandpa was a season ticket holder for years he stopped liking the NBA because of all the whining that players did.  It does make me a little sick to think how much players make now versus what they made in the 90s even. Even adjusted for inflation your average player today makes more than malone and stockton did.     

7. The miami heat and balanced competition

I don't like where this league might be headed, if Lebron had his way (he has stated this before)  there would be 3 or 4 super teams and 26 teams of cannon fodder for them.   It's scary how good they were so quickly last year, and with the way the system is now every year they will be able to spend more and more to get better and better.  I as a Jazz fan don't like this.  

I don't understand how people think that a hard cap doesn't help competition.  I've read this article by Henry Abbott 3 times it still doesn't make that much sense to me.  Yes i get it that not every team every year will be on the same level of competition.  Every year there will be bad teams and good teams that is obvious.  What a hardcap does in my opinion is give everyone a fair shot to be good, obviously management is still the most important part to a good team.   Look at the NFL, the Lions and 49ners are great this year and they have been terrible for the last decade.  No one predicted them to be this good this year.  

8.  The owners have enough money,

In my perfect basketball world, the owners should be happy with the money they already have.  Obviously it is a problem if they are losing money on their team every year, but they should be happy with breaking even.  

9.  Sorry clark pojo I feel like this got turned into politics last night.  The mud flinging has begun, and the players and owners now care more about getting their way then doing whats right.  Its called pride, and both sides have it and they aren't thinking right they are being blinded.  This is the prisoners dilemma all sides in the end will lose and the fans will lose the most.   

What do you all think?

All comments are the opinion of the commenter and not necessarily that of SLC Dunk or SB Nation.

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