College Players to watch: Small Forwards

Two things to think about before we dive into player profiles. The first, what if the new CBA makes the minimum age to enter the draft 20 (or maybe 2 years of school)? I hate the thought of that. So many great guys won't be able to declare if that's the case.

The second is, what is the Jazz's highest priority, in terms of roster additions? Do we need a new PG? Do we need a go to scorer? Are Burks and Hayward definitely our future SGs? These are questions to ask yourself as you consider who the Jazz need to target. Personally, I want the Jazz to target a go to scorer who is an SF. I think Favors, Burks and Hayward will all be great Robins, but we need a Batman in the scoring department. Those 3 should all be in the solid 18-22 ppg range, but I;m thinking we need the guy who can carry the offense on his back when he needs to.

1. Quincy Miller, SF- Baylor

I like Quincy a lot. Draft Express threw in the comparison of Kevin Durant. This kid is a 6'9" SF who can score in bunches. He is averaging 15.2 per game in only 28 minutes, and he does it efficiently, too. He is averaging 1.46 points per shot, which is excellent, and he gets to the line almost 6 times a game. All great, great signs.His TOs are a bit high- about 1.2 per 14 minutes of play- but that should improve. He seems to be a good rebounder for his position, and his 1.7 assists per game suggests he can pass. His last two games were streaky, but any scorer is going to have games like that.

Draft Express has an interesting bit on him. Essentially he was a young, somewhat cocky basketball player- until he tore his ACL. Forced to miss events like Nike Hoops Summit, he became a student of the game. The torn ACL is obviously a concern, but he seems to be a mature and basketball saavy kid.

Quincy Miller is third on my personal draft board, but first for who I think the Jazz should draft (I think Drummond and Davis are better prospects, but we don't need more PF/Cs) This kid will be a star, if not superstar. Write that down, send yourself an email, remember that. Quincy Miller will be at a bit better than Rudy Gay or Danny Granger, IMO, and just a step or two below Kevin Durant. I believe in this kid. He can be our franchise go to scorer. A foundation of Burks, Hayward, Favors and Kanter with Miller as our SF is a team that is headed to perennial contender status. Right now he's around 6 on most draft boards. Look for him to settle in as the #3 behind Drummond and Davis. Keep a close, close eye on him, because this is who the Jazz need to get, hands down, no questions asked.

2. Harrison Barnes, SF, North Carolina

Hype with a capital H. Look, Harrison can score in isolation, He is having a good season (17.2, 4.8), but nothing earth shattering, especially for a Sophomore. He usually is scoring efficiently. I just can't get as excited about him as I can Miller. I see him as a Luol Deng/Danny Granger hybrid- both are valuable players, but neither are going change your franchise. I love Harrison outside the top 5- I think if a team drafts him in the top 5 they are setting themselves up for disappointment. Not Marvin Williams disappointment, but if they are hoping for another Kevin Durant, Melo or even Rudy Gay they will find they have not drafted that player.

The reason for all my optimism? He doesn't appear to have killer instinct. He'll draw blood, but won't go for the kill. That can hold someone back a lot. With his natural talent he should be rampaging the NCAA. But he's not. Why? I think he's soft, and that's why I don't see superstardom in his future. I'm open to being wrong though. He is well liked by scouts, seems a safe pick. But I do think Miller has more star potential.

3. Terrence Jones, SF- Kentucky

Here's the thing with Jones: my head doesn't believe in him, but the results says I should. There was talk that he would get disinterested in games, that he was a bit of a dough head. His stat line is impressive though (especially when you consider his stacked team): 13.3, 7.3, 2.2.

Besides intangible concerns, I worry that he may end up being a tweener- but if he can be an NBA 3 he has terrific size. He's actually taller than Sap and a couple pounds heavier. If Jones can be his best self I wouldn't mind him, particularly if one of our other young guys can be the #1 scoring option.

All comments are the opinion of the commenter and not necessarily that of SLC Dunk or SB Nation.

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