Still I Look to Find a Reason to Believe

After 2 blow out losses the Jazz are left searching for answers. Fans are focused on all the things we are doing wrong. It is easy to do and a lot of it needs to be said and a lot of the questions need to be asked. Fans have been all over everything from Raja needing to sit and to #FreeAlecBurks. Some fans have gone over the top to the point where they are talking about us being the worst team in the NBA and needing to fire Corbin. I am to the point that, “If I listened long enough to you I’d find a way to believe that it’s all true.” But despite the things KOC tells us (“Knowing that you lied straight-faced while I cry”) and all of the very real problems this team has “Still I look to find a reason to Believe.”

In the first two games the most positive thing that can be taken out of all of this mess is that Enes Kanter can rebound the ball. This one is so obvious that even the extreme pessimists about Kanter when we drafted him have now complimented his NBA skill. At 19 years old to rebound the way he does makes me think that this will only get better for him as he learns tricks and how to finish his put backs.

The other very obvious thing is that Burks can score. I know it was garbage time and there was no pressure on him to perform, but the guy is so smooth and after he got a bucket, you could see the confidence flowing from the kid. I think the kid will get more and more chances as the year goes on, but until then ##FreeAlecBurks.

“Someone like you makes it easy to give and never think about myself”

Speaking of giving everyone has been quick to point how Harris has not been dishing out a lot of assists, but look at what Hayward did last night. Hayward had a career night in assists with 7. He never had more than 5 last year and only had 5 assists 3 times last year. What made his passing even better last night was the fact that he only had one turnover. Actually so far Hayward has just one fewer assists and 8 fewer turnovers than D-Will so far this year. Hayward can make plays. I am one who believes that Hayward needs to become the de-facto PG as far as playmaking for this team. He can break down defenses and find guys for baskets. I think the Jazz need to put the ball in his hands as much as possible and let him create. Also a thing that has gone overlooked with Harris is that he is shooting the ball well from 3 (3-6) and has. I think Harris can stay on the court with Hayward as a floor spacer for Hayward to make plays.

Speaking of giving, Big Al is passing the ball better. For a guy with a reputation of being a black hole, he has shown to be a willing passer when he has cutters. Now he is far from Tim Duncan passing out of the post, but Big Al didn’t have a game with 4 assists last year until the 10th game of the year and last year was a career year in assists for him. He had 10 games last year with 4 assists or more and he did that last night and in one of our 2 preseason games. He has shown a lot more willingness to hit cutters when he has cutters, he also bounced back from a nightmare night in LA and shot the ball well and scored his 19 points on 14 shots, not as good as Nene but not too bad.

Millsap looks like a man trying to prove something again. Last year his rebounding went down to 8 per 36 minutes. Right now he is averaging 8 in fewer than 25 minutes a game. So far his numbers have been better per 36 minutes than any year of his career. I know it is just 2 games, put he has played well and is being like Paul and just not whining about his role and just going to work.

CJ has shot the ball well from 3. Derrick Favors has actually rebounded as well as Kanter when he has been able to stay on the floor. Jeremy has played like Jeremy. Earl has played like Earl. Tinsley has played like Earl also, which is exactly what you want from your backup PGs. Howard looks aggressive on both ends.

“If I gave you time to change my mind I’d find a way just to leave the past behind.”

I really think the Jazz just need some time to come together. I know they aren’t going to be a great team, but I think they will be better than what they have shown thus far. I remember last year when we dropped out first 2 games by 22 and 16 and then blew out the Thunder on the road. I am not saying I think we will start blowing out playoff teams in our next game, but I do think if you give these guys some “time to change your mind” they really might help us all “leave the past behind.” But what do I know I am just an optimistic Jazz fan that “Looks to find a reason to believe.” But at this point all I want to say to the Jazz is, “Someone like you makes it hard to live without… Somebody else.”

All comments are the opinion of the commenter and not necessarily that of SLC Dunk or SB Nation.

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