The New "starting over" Jazz

No one expected a complete revamp coming this season.

New coach and trade of team leader and All-Star PG Deron Williams.

It was a rocky road, in 30 years, the Jazz never lose 5 consecutive homes games until now.  Rumors of coach and player conflicts and the coach's abrupt resignation.  The unexpected trade of a superstar, one of the highly talked about trades this season.  For sure this season, a lot of media attention was gained, generally stuff you didn't want to hear about.

All I am HOPING is that management made the right moves.  I hope that the team is a better team than yesterday.  I hope they find a good groove and hit it off.

I don't want to hear any rumors or reports of locker room disputes and in-fighting.  I had enough of a fragmented team playing poorly.  In my opinion, nothing else is more damaging to a team than team inner conflict.

Now, I want to address some issues the Jazz are having as a team.

1. The Jazz are a poor defensive team this year.  I don't know where to attribute this to.  They have some good individual defensive players; Bell, Jefferson (2 blocks per game), AK (somewhat less effective now), and Millsap who leads the team in steals.  The best I can attribute it to is the lack of team rotation or a team oriented defensive effort.  What's everyone's thought on this?

2. The Bench is still very "meager" and depleted.  Watching the Dallas game the other night was painful.  The Jazz were competitive and right there through half time.  Again, defense wise, the Mavs shot 58% from the field.  The bench: CJ 16pts (2-9 shooting), Hayward 2 pts, Elson 4 pts.  That was it!  It doesn't help that starter Raja only had 5 pts, Watson 7 pts.  With the loss of our only guard who could score, Williams, we have zero guard presence!  Someone who can score for us.  Of course we were missing Harris but he's still not a scorer.

3. Could we give our bigs a break?  Jefferson was working his butt off.  30 pts, 8 rebounds, 2 steals, 1 block, and zero turnover.  Millsap was working hard, constantly fighting double teams.  18pts, 9 rebounds, and 4 steals.  Repeat, 4 steals.  People tend to get critical with Jefferson, calling him a failed experiment but I would like to state otherwise.  His numbers have been getting better by the month.  It's his first year in a new system and it's unfair to already be impatiently calling him a failure.  In fact, Jefferson kept us in the game.  He was 11 out of 14 from the field.  I believe the problem lies in the fact that we don't have a true scorer.  A Jason Terry, Manu, Horny, Eric Gordon, Monta Ellis...the list goes on and on and on.  Every team has one.  We don't.  D.Will was the guy, being a PG, he had to carry on that burden and I don't think that's the most efficient way for a PG to be your main scorer.

What I hope to see.

1. More playtime for Favors.  He needs it to develop and grow.  Experience will do it.  He needs to develop fast and adjust quickly so that he's a force inside.  His + : great offensive rebounder and defender.  Freak athlete who needs the confidence of his coach and teammates.  All I can say is that this guy has some talent.  He's got talent and if he's got the heart to work hard and be committed, this kid's going to be great.

4. Next years draft pick.  Please pick a scorer!!  Not a shooter, but a gifted player with good instincts on how to score points.  Every team knows that the Jazz like to score in the paint and they pack it in.  We need someone who can score from outside to alleviate that pressure on Jefferson and Millsap.

Hate or like the deal, this is our new team and I hope everyone can embrace em.  Harris seems like a genuinely nice kid, Favors also, very reserved and quiet kid from a small town who goes about his business and works hard.

I hope everyone can embrace the new team and hope for a bright future.

What are you guys thoughts on the new team and what do you think is most needed for the team?

All comments are the opinion of the commenter and not necessarily that of SLC Dunk or SB Nation.

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