From a NETS fan...

NETS fan here. Back on Netsdaily i realized your own Basketball John was kind enough to formally hand over the Ninja fan torch, so i though i may return the favor. 

firstly, i would like to tell Jazz fans to keep their heads high because even though a superstar was lost, you're still a playoff competing franchise. Also i believe it was a win-win situation for both teams. 


Devin is a great point gaurd. underrated if anything. Many tend to forget that Devin was given some very tough tasks to endure: replacing Jason kidd on a top tier Eastern Conference Playoff time. he was young at the time and not nearly as experienced as Kidd but he did eventually become an allstar in the 2009 season. 

The season all NETS fans try to forget... but cant

Last season was by far the worst season to endure as a NETS fan. It was hard to even label yourself a NETS fan without being ridiculed. During that season we saw the injury proned side of Devin. HE missed a part of that season, due to injury, and when he came back it was not the Devin we all knew. Although he did start developing some good chemistry with Brook Lopez ( Something he can develop with Al J) 

This Season

Coming into this season Devin was expected to return to "AllStar form", as Avery Johnson would say, and with his old coach and mentor in Avery Johnson coaching him Once again. Devin arrived to media day this year with a noticeably bigger upper body (to increase driving abiities and prevent further injuries) and with a great attitude.... only to find out later in that day that he was just about to be traded for carmelo anthony in a trade that would send him to denver. thats right devin played everysingle game this year on the trading block with the exception of the few games between when Mikhail "genius" Prokhorov, pulled out of trade talks dramatically only to resume them again to drive up the price for the knicks. the trade clearly had a tremendous toll on him. As a matter of fact in the short period he wasnt dealing with trade talks, he averaged nearly 16 ASSISTS. He then was traded releasing his discontent with the NETS. Look forward to a few alley-oops with D. Fav, and Al J. And a quality point gaurd who can get to the basket. 


NETS Fans didnt get to see a whole lot of Derrick favors as he averaged about 19 minutes a game, but when he was in the game boy did he play tough. again the same situation as devin wiht the trades since day 1, but he did manage to get a few jams blocks and offensive boards. the kid has potential and I am really curious to see what the 19 year old can do with out all the trade drama. 

All comments are the opinion of the commenter and not necessarily that of SLC Dunk or SB Nation.

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