First time visitor to Salt Lake City

Hey all, been a Jazz fan since 1994 and have lived and watched the Jazz play in Texas, California, and Florida over the years. Have never stepped foot in the state of Utah before...until this weekend. I've been saving up money for years to make this trip and can't wait to see Salt Lake City, the Delta Center (aka Energy Solutions Arena), the Stockton-Malone statue, and of course the HOME atmosphere and fans. From my experience, there are very few Jazz fans outside of Utah and frankly I am pretty tired of getting the the following bemused/disgusted responses when I proclaim I am a fan of the Utah Jazz:

"Why, are you from Utah?"

"Why, are you Mormon?"

"Why? The Jazz are so boring"

"Dude the Jazz suck, Lakers rule!"

My hat is off to Basketball John and the other authors for developing this site over the years into a solid community, especially for out-of-state fans who must perpetually exist in a state of physical isolation. While I am rarely vocal on gamethreads, my internet browsing history would show that this is far and away the most visited site for me every single day of the year. 

With that said, I was hoping that I could ask you SLC natives for some recommendations on must-see attractions and must-do activities for a first-timer. I will be arriving this Saturday (2/5/11) morning and will be leaving Sunday evening, and will have access to a car. Aside from watching the Jazz wallop the OKC Thunder on Saturday night, what else should I make sure to see/do? A few ideas that are already on my list after the jump...

I will be staying in the downtown area (if that helps) and am not a skiier/snowboarder. Here are a few things I have added to my "SLC bucket list" over the years:

- Experience (see/smell/touch) the Great Salt Lake

- See the Stockton-Malone statues and the streets named after them

- Buy Jazz gear (you guys have no idea how hard it is to find/buy Jazz gear outside of Utah in person - and only get you so far without being able to try stuff on)

- Buy an alcoholic drink in a bar/restaurant (until this past year I had read/heard the stories about "private clubs" and all the unusual laws making it difficult to purchase drinks - from what I understand this is no longer the case. Too bad, I was really stoked about this)

- See and photograph the Mormon temple

- Photograph the Wasatch Mountains

- Find out what the heck is fry sauce

- Eat at an establishment that is unique to Salt Lake City/Utah

- This might a stretch, but find a rec center/church to play a pick-up game

And that's it, guys. Any recommendations on places to eat, tips about places to avoid, things to see, try, etc... would be much appreciated! I love seeing natural beauty but also can appreciate historic/religious landmarks. I also am curious how hard will it be to see/do things on Sunday - is most of the city shut down? 


P.S. I've also attached a poll to find out how many other folks on SLCDunk share my dream of one day making it to Salt Lake City to see the Jazz in person.

All comments are the opinion of the commenter and not necessarily that of SLC Dunk or SB Nation.

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