What basketball and our legal system DONT have in common.

As a Jazz fans I am sad to say that we have gone from dreams of making the conference finals to dreaming that we will be competitive one day in the (hopefully) near future. As with all fans whose team isn't living up to expectations, it's only natural that we look to our rookies and future draft picks to ease the pain of losing so many games this year. Our only hope is that  the team can rebuild/reload/retool/reinvent or whatever you want to call it sooner rather than later.


With so many question marks in our future, I feel the need to point out that in professional sports everyone is essentially guilty until proven innocent.

To clarify what I am talking about here are just a few "verdicts" the jury is still out on. These are common myths that have been presented as facts on this website from various members (including me).


Jimmer can play solid defense and make the necessary passes to be an NBA point guard.

Yea we know he can score, but is his game complete enough to compete at the highest level? Jimmer fans keep saying that he hasn't needed to play defense because he was asked not to, and he never passed the ball because the rest of his team couldn't score. Fine. I accept these explanations, but sadly he is guilty until proven innocent. Stop making empty excuses for a player until he has actually prove your point for you. Its going to take seeing Jimmer play in the NBA before he will ever prove these accusations.


There are no Super Stars in the upcoming draft.

In my opinion this is a ridiculous claim. For all those that want to say this is a weak draft, I tell you that you're an idiot. Every Jazz fan should know that there are super starts in every draft, we just need to find them. (cough cough, Malone and Stockton, cough cough...) Unfortunately this draft class is guilty until proven innocent. Until we see  players from this draft turn into super stars, there is no proof that says otherwise.


Derrick Favors is a future All-Star

While I have to admit that I love Favors, he has yet to show anything other than that he will be a solid defensive big man with a decent offensive game. Luckily for Favors there is enough evidence that this accusation could be confirmed sooner rather than later. Until that time, I have to say he is guilty until he proves otherwise.


Corbin is going to be a great head coach and be able to fill Sloan shoes.

I doubt I even need to comment anymore on this one, he's obvious guilty of this until the team shows us otherwise.



My point of this post is to show people that opinions are great, and that's what posting on a site like this is all about. What you should NOT do is post your opinion as if it is a fact. As a long time Jazz fan I have very high hopes for our current team and trust the management will draft the players that will help our team the most in the future.

All comments are the opinion of the commenter and not necessarily that of SLC Dunk or SB Nation.

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